Why You Should Include SEO News In Your SEO Articles

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a term that many people know nothing about. And yet it is vital to SEO success. SEO is an important part of web development and design and a major part of making money online. SEO is simply a set of techniques used to help search engines find and rank websites. It does not matter if you are running a large scale business, or you’re just trying to make some money on the internet – SEO is an important tool to get better rankings in Google.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the latest buzzword in the web world. And like most buzzwords, it is also an overused and abused word. But in this case, the SEO community at large is largely Misinformed about what SEO really is, and how it works. Let me take this opportunity to explain exactly how SEO works, in order to clear and dispel some of the misconceptions and myths about SEO.

As with most things in life, there is always someone who is selling a “how to” tutorial, product, or service in the SEO world. SEO is not like that. SEO isn’t a subject that you will learn by reading an instruction manual on how to build a car, write an essay, or construct a solar panel. SEO is a rather complex topic, and it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and research to master.

One of the biggest mistakes that many newbies make when they first get involved in the SEO community is confusing their SEO strategy with that of a “tweeters.” Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you can “tweet” (type the text in), relatively quickly, about any topic. Many people view twitter as a place to have conversations with other twitter users about their favorite topics (like SEO). So, in theory, a “tweeter” is someone trying to build a following for their own personal business using SEO.

However, in the real world, a “tweeter” is not building following by tweeting about SEO, but rather building following by writing SEO blogs. If you have read my previous articles, then you should already know that I am strongly in favor of SEO blogs. SEO blogs are very popular because they provide great insight into search engine optimization, article writing, and website optimization techniques. In fact, there are dozens of well established and experienced SEO blogs out there blogging each and every day. So, in many ways, twitter is no different than one of those SEO blogs.

In fact, there are even more reasons why I strongly encourage individuals and businesses to become involved with SEO experts and the online communities that are associated with SEO blogs. In addition to just the “blogosphere”, there are several other communities associated with SEO experts and the blogging community. For example, there are online courses that are created by SEO experts that are designed to teach individuals some of the skills necessary to optimize their websites, and their sites in order to get better rankings with Google and other search engines. There are also online courses and training that are created by SEO experts that are designed to teach individuals the skills necessary to promote themselves and their websites in a very cost-effective manner. So, if you are serious about optimizing your website and increasing your rankings with Google and other search engines, you absolutely should consider becoming involved with one or more of these SEO expert communities.

The reason why I feel so strongly about this is simple. If an SEO expert writes a blog entry, article, tweet, or participate in an online course, then he or she will be taking a lot of advantage of the knowledge that they have accumulated over their years of experience in the SEO industry. Also, because these are written in a “cybernetic” form – meaning that they are composed in a language that is composed primarily of algorithms, it makes sense that the writer would want to make sure that they are communicating with their audience in a way that is most likely to result in SEO success. This means that the SEO community has an interest in learning how people who use the internet are thinking. That is not to say that everyone who participates in SEO activity does so for money or that anyone with a stake in SEO activity is necessarily evil.

But, let’s face it, there is money to be made when SEO experts decide to take advantage of their followers’ tendencies and feed them SEO goodies. And when SEO news site owners make their lists of “must read” posts and feature these posts on their sites, they are not doing this because they want to share relevant and useful information with their readers. They are doing this because they want to feature as many of their readers’ posts as possible on their news sites. That means that in addition to featuring the top stories from your industry, you are also going to want to feature content that SEO experts find valuable – because if you are going to write high quality SEO content, chances are that your readers will, too. So, before you cringe and say “whoa”, take a deep breath, sit down, and make sure that you are actually doing something that is going to help your company grow, rather than hurt it.