Why SEO Is So Important for Local Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a complex topic that encompasses many strategies and technologies. Many people have heard of on-page SEO, such as links building, keyword optimization, and on-page optimization (stuffing). But local SEO is a newer concept that some marketers are just beginning to understand the benefits of.

Local SEO refers specifically to the process of improving the visibility of specific local locations in major search results. On-page SEO improves your website’s ranking in the organic results by providing relevant content to users searching for a particular local business. On-page SEO can improve your website’s rankings in the SERPS by creating more favorable experiences for users. This includes using relevant keywords, properly linking your website, and nap citations.

We know how important it is for consumers to be able to touch and experience products and services close to them. A recent study by the University of Washington found that shopping online made consumers feel like they were closer to the experience they had at home. Consumers were more satisfied with shopping in stores versus shopping online. When researchers took physical stores into consideration, they discovered that shoppers did not spend more time looking for products online than they did in stores. The real reason that shoppers do not spend more time looking for products and services close to them is that they spend most of their time navigating from one page to the next and they don’t take the time to see the many different surfaces that a local SEO campaign can offer.

Relevancy is vital to local SEO. If consumers cannot find what they are looking for when they perform a local search, then they won’t likely perform future searches. Local SEO efforts should target specific communities and include information about the businesses in those communities. SEO firms that understand this have taken the lead in local search engine optimization. When consumers are able to find a local business in their community, they will be more likely to pass the word about the business to others.

A great way for businesses to benefit from local SEO is to utilize Google Maps. Google has partnered with many different businesses and organizations in the world of mapping. If you have a local business with a website, it is important to ensure that Google maps are accessible for your consumers. A Google Maps SEO can help your business gain more exposure in the area where you are located.

On-page optimization is not only beneficial to SEO efforts, but also to your customers. Your website should be listed in search engine results for its niche market. It is extremely important to take the time to build links within your own industry. Many people forget that building links throughout the web is crucial to gaining exposure in local search and the on-page optimization that follows.

There are two different surfaces that a SEO firm can focus on for local SEO. One surface is links throughout the web. Another is on-page optimization. No matter how great a SEO firm is, without links and articles, it is pointless to any business. Because of the importance of on-page optimization, many companies forget to take advantage of local seo experts.

Search engine marketing can be beneficial for many reasons, but it is even more beneficial for helping local business owners gain more exposure. Local search can be a huge market place to gain exposure, but SEO is critical to making the most out of your advertising dollars. If your company is looking to capitalize on the opportunities provided by Internet marketing, contact an SEO expert today.