Why SEO Audits Is Important

When you embark on the journey to optimize your websites for search engines, it’s important that you have a reliable source for ongoing SEO audits. The process can be time consuming, especially if you are working with several different domains and have to check on a variety of elements on a regular basis. Best times to do SEO audits are when you have the luxury of a few weeks off from work and when you know you can stick to your project. But how do you choose the best time to do a search engine optimization audit? Here are some guidelines:

SEO Audit

Most Useful – When doing a search engine optimization audit, be sure to select a tool that is a solid representative of its field. Some SEO tools provide comprehensive reports. Some others provide simpler reports, like the daily report. If you plan on using the tool more than once or two times, select a product with more tools.

Useful Reports – Make sure you select an SEO tool that gives you a wide range of reports. The simplest audits might just provide you with the domain name and Alexa rank of the most active keywords used to search for your domain. But a comprehensive report should also show you the top ten keywords, the average amount of searches done for that keyword per month, and the top ten search results for that domain. If you aren’t checking these important reports, you aren’t getting a complete picture of how well your domain is performing.

Timely Reports – Ideally, you want to see a full search engine report on your site at least once every six months. A good tool that provides monthly reports is the free Google Analytics. But if you are looking for something more timely, make sure you see reports that provide you with a weekly report or an hourly report.

SEO Contractor Tools – If you don’t already have an SEO consultant, it is time to find one. There are many great places for SEO firms to advertise. However, not all SEO firms are created equal. When you’re shopping around for a new audit tool, be sure you choose someone who is trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable. Be sure he or she is not just out to make some money from you!

Good Content Issues Keywords – You need to make sure the SEO audit tool you use has access to reliable data about content issues keywords. That is, the reports must be up-to-date and give you enough information to determine whether or not your competitors are using these keywords to drive traffic to their sites. In addition, the reports must be easy to read and analyze. If they are too complicated, they will deter users from even trying to look at them.

Backlink Reports – The SEO firm you choose must also have reports on backlinks. (If they don’t, you should suspect there might be another problem.) A backlink is one of the most vital parts of any successful marketing strategy. The more backlinks a site receives, the higher its ranking will rise.

SEO audits should not simply focus on the keywords, backlinks, or even page optimization. The audit should also take a close look at how the site is optimised. As a general rule, you want to ensure that your competitors are not using unethical or black hat techniques to boost their ranking in search engines.

Keyword Analysis – Sometimes there is an imbalance of competition and keywords are being used in different ways by the same sites. This could be due to poor keyword structuring or it could be due to competition with low-cost alternatives. In this case, you need to see which sites are effectively competitive with your own keyword. By knowing how many competitors you have for a particular keyword, you can decide whether to bid on these keywords, use other options, or simply ignore them.

SEO audit tools can also calculate the “woorank” of a page. The woorank is the total number of visitors to a page and it is calculated by the SEO firm by measuring how many people link to the page. If the page has low wooranks, it is recommended you go after other strategies to increase your ranking. On the other hand, if the page has a high woorank, it may mean that the SEO company used several techniques to get its high woorank. However, if you choose a low-priced SEO tool, you won’t know if the optimization was done properly.

In short, you need to do an SEO audit to know how well your optimization is doing. Doing so will allow you to improve on it, if you don’t already. You can do off-page SEO audit, on-page SEO audit, and even technical SEO audits. Once you have the full list of all the techniques used in optimization, you can then compare and see what worked and what failed. This is why it is important to not only look at on-page and technical SEO, but also off-page and technical SEO.