Why News is Important For SEO

In this article, we will discuss the major highlights of June’s SEO news. If you happen to (re) watch the video, you may find the transcript here. If you happen to miss any of the discussion that took place, then feel free to jump in on the conversation from wherever you please! We look forward to your feedback.

There was a lot of buzz about Google’s latest update to their Search Engine Optimization offerings: the Google+ Local map. This update, if you don’t already know, is a major update to all Google services. If used correctly, it should greatly improve your Google Places business page (also known as your local search results page), Google Search Results, the Google Web Search, and Google Images. You will also notice a new user interface on your Google+ Local page where listings are given a more mobile feel.

This news release also mentions two other recent updates: first, Google is beginning to test their new Google+ Business Center. This new feature brings together the functionality of Google+ with the Google+ Local element. Users who are using Google Places will be glad to know that the new feature now has quicker approval of listings, reviews, and events. Google’s news stories on the release note that the new feature will soon go live, and you should begin to notice an improved online experience for your Google+ Local business. In addition, the news story notes that this new feature is only available for businesses with Google Places profiles.

Another major business aspect being addressed in the Google SEO news SEO release is the implementation of more targeted content. This means that more SEO content will be available to more types of publishers. Previously, search engines had trouble dealing with the different kinds of content available to various types of media sources such as online news sites. Google hopes that the enhanced marketability will help business owners who are interested in getting local customers increase the amount of traffic directed to their website.

Finally, Google is introducing a new full feature news search. The new feature, which can be found at the Google Blog, allows business owners to target specific locations or search terms when searching for local business listings. The blog also includes information about Google’s new mobile search initiative. With this new feature, news searchers can not only find local business listings, but news related to all kinds of things that matter to a business, including finances, real estate, travel, healthcare, technology, and much more.

While the introduction of news searchers to a local focus search engine is helpful for smaller businesses in particular, the overall impact on SEO and search engine optimization is quite significant. Google’s new news search, and the core updates discussed above, help to make it easier for small business owners to target their niche and bring in more traffic and profit. In Google’s mind, that makes it better for the end-user to find what they need when looking for a service or product.

One way Google plans to make news SEO more helpful is through news distribution. The company has made it possible to distribute news stories from Google News to a number of different platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and email. In a way, this could see an improved integration of Google News with SEO. Small business owners could see more targeted traffic and a boost in sales by using news distribution as part of their overall SEO strategy. This could set up a perfect storm for SEO success.

While we’re on the topic of news and Google, it’s also important to realize that breaking news stories can have a profound effect on SEO. Just think about how major news stories can impact search results for things like natural disasters or political intrigue. It’s definitely important for businesses to keep up with the times and the changing trends, but breaking news stories are something that really gets people’s attention. It’s for this reason that SEO should take notice of this new approach to SEO and embrace it for all of the great things it can bring to the table.