Why Every Website Needs an SEO Audit

An SEO audit looks into many different facets which can affect your site s effectiveness to rank highly in the SERPs. This will give you valuable insights into your page content, page load rate, and your website’s keyword density. By utilizing the correct keyword density and content structure you can greatly improve the profitability of your online business.

SEO Audit

A good SEO audit will thoroughly examine all SEO efforts, including meta tags, title optimization, and content optimization. The objective of this exercise is to optimize the website and make it as search engine friendly as possible. The objective does not end there though, you also want to make sure that your page content is easy to navigate and understand. This is why it is important to focus on creating a cohesive page architecture.

The SEO Team at Web Analytics is a great place to start when you want to understand which keywords are being used in your niche. This information is important when determining your site architecture and overall optimization strategy. Keyword density plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). The higher the keyword density the better your optimization strategy will perform. Many search engines will use a formula to calculate the density value and it is best to be familiar with this formula prior to beginning any optimization efforts.

Search engine optimization can be broken down into two categories, those which utilize natural SEO, and those which utilize PPC campaigns. Natural SEO involves increasing your rankings through strategic placement of keywords. PPC, or pay per click, campaigns are more direct and focus on lowering your bounce rates. Bounce rates are the percentage of page views that result in a visit to the next sponsored link. In PPC, you are only charged when someone clicks on a particular link, which substantially lowers your bounce rates.

A good SEO audit program will also focus on checking the number of link building strategies on a site. Each link building strategy is assigned a weight. Links that are used more frequently will have a larger effect on your rankings. Link Building is a very important part of SEO but there are many site errors that contribute to poor link building strategies. By performing a site audit, you will be able to quickly identify these site errors and implement changes to improve site performance.

The SEO Best Practices team at Web Analytics will help you analyze your overall on-site seo efforts. You will be able to identify what keywords are working for you and what keywords aren’t working. By analyzing your on-site SEO results, you will be able to identify the areas in need of improvement. Through a SEO audit program, you can optimize your on-site seo strategies with the highest amount of success.

In addition to linking strategies and meta tags, a SEO Best Practices audit will also look at the overall content within your website. Search engines take content seriously and by optimizing your website, you can see improved search rankings. A SEO audit will include looking at your keyword analysis as well as your keyword density analysis. The density analyzes the number of times a keyword appears throughout the entire page. The keyword analyzer will also check for duplicate content.

A full SEO audit should include a page rank crawl. This will not only show your current page rank but will also reveal any previous crawl activity. This will allow you to analyze how you were ranked previously and look for areas where you could improve. A good SEO audit should also include a sitemap crawl. This is used to determine which pages on your website are being crawled when a user enters the search query.