Why Do You Need A Technical SEO Audit?

SEO Audit

Why Do You Need A Technical SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is undoubtedly normal process for any web site. It should however be performed with great attention and concern. In addition to this, an SEO audit is the best way to track the progress of your search engine optimization efforts. Thus an SEO audit will not only provide you with greater insight into the performance of your pages but also allow you to monitor changes in your site’s ranking.

In essence an SEO audit is an evaluation of your current search engine ranking. You can perform the evaluation using several different channels. In the first instance you can analyze your keywords. Keywords play an important role in driving traffic to your pages, thus optimizing your site. Your SEO audit should provide you with a better insights into keyword usage and identify any keywords that may be ranking lower than others.

Another important channel to analyze during your audit reports is the technical issues affecting page speed. Page speed has become an extremely important factor in recent years due to increasing page load times. A faster page will result in your site loading more quickly and therefore generating higher targeted traffic to your site. The purpose behind developing a technical report on SEO audits is to identify technical issues affecting your page speed and recommend quick page speed solutions.

Another important channel to analyze during your seo audit reports is link popularity. If a page has many backlinks from relevant websites then this will boost its popularity and bring it to the top of the search engine results. Backlinks play a very important part in driving targeted traffic to your site. Thus a high number of backlinks from relevant sites will dramatically increase your site’s visibility and improve your conversions.

The next most important channel to focus on during your Google SEO audit reports is the traffic which the pages are bringing to your site. You must identify what keywords are bringing you the most targeted traffic so that you can optimize your pages to make them more profitable. Typically, off-page analysis will identify keywords that have been used in your competitor’s campaigns and use these to target your own campaigns in the most effective way. This requires significant time to conduct, but can yield very lucrative results.

On-page SEO audits will also identify any problems such as misspellings or keyword stuffing which may be penalizing you in the search engines. It is not uncommon for small things like misspellings or spelling mistakes to rank poorly in search engines. These little errors will be picked up by algorithms and it will become harder to rank for those keywords in future. One way to improve your rankings is to perform a manual SEO audit each month. This process will require you to conduct a Google search on each keyword you are researching and compare the results with your competitors.

If you think you have already conducted an SEO audit, then you probably know what your results are after. However, many companies do not realize the importance of conducting additional research into their own website optimization strategies. If you currently use off-page techniques to promote your website you may be losing money quickly. Search engine optimization involves both off and on-page optimization. It is better to spend more time on the on-page aspects than to leave your SEO budget for an audit which may yield minimal results. There is another reason why many online marketing professionals are reluctant to implement extra research into their marketing campaigns.

Aside from the time-consuming process, there is another major drawback with performing an SEO audit on your own. You cannot change the HTML or coding of your site, since you cannot make any changes yourself. For example, there is no way to make your site index easily by manually submitting your site to search engines. If you want to increase the indexability of your web pages, a technical SEO audit of your site is a must for you. Aside from that, a thorough technical SEO audit will also reveal to you the errors in your SEO strategy, which you can then work on immediately to improve the indexability of your site.