White Hat Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is more commonly known to the public is a major tool used by Internet marketers to improve visibility and rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. These methods have been in use for several years but only recently has white hat SEO become popular. The reason being that search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly complex and many times they ignore certain sites despite their popularity. With whitehat SEO you can be sure that you will rank higher for your site and get better results from the search engines.


White hat SEO focuses on quality content optimization, which means you should only concentrate on creating unique and original content. This is because search engines frown upon websites with duplicate content. This can lead to your site being banished or banned from the databases and you will not likely receive any traffic at all. Therefore, white hat strategies only focus on providing original and quality content for users to read, learn and use.

On-page SEO strategies include optimizing your web pages. This means optimizing keywords so that when a user searches for a relevant topic of your page will appear on the top of the list. However, you have to ensure that you do not over optimize for keywords as this could have a negative impact on your ranking. You should focus on providing informative content with relevance to the topic at hand. In addition to keywords, you should also provide quality content such as useful articles, press releases and quality content. By doing so, you will be able to optimize your on-page SEO efforts and get a positive impact on your rankings.

On-page SEO can be as simple as conducting keyword research on your own or using third party tools to research keywords. Keyword research is the core of most SEO efforts and it should form a major part of your SEO strategy. Google has an excellent tool called Keyword Elite that allows you to conduct keyword research easily and quickly. It will provide you with an estimate of how many searches a particular keyword received over a period of time and whether that keyword is likely to result in a natural ranking increase or decrease.

Off-page SEO techniques include creating inbound links from related blogs, web pages and directories and submitting your site to popular directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! Search. The links that you create will improve your rankings and you will be able to generate more traffic through your inbound links. Additionally, by getting your site listed in popular directories you will be able to obtain higher rankings with the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Social media plays an important role in SEO ranking and you should use this platform to enhance your SEO Ranking. Social media allows you to share interesting information about your business and also lets your potential customers connect with you on a more personal level. In order for social media to be effective for SEO ranking you need to engage your users in meaningful conversations. You can do this by posting interesting, useful and controversial information that will engage your target audience.

Creating fresh and engaging content is another strategy that will boost your rankings. SEO is based upon natural ranking and so it makes sense for you to continually create new content that will attract more visitors and will help your business to grow. This is one of the most popular and successful strategies used by high-quality online businesses and so it should form part of your white hat seo strategy. You should avoid using black hat strategies such as link farms, link spamming, and false SEO tactics as these will undermine your effort to achieve good rankings. Moreover, you must ensure that the links that you attach to your website comply with the guidelines of the search engine that you are using.

Ultimately, white hat search engine optimization relies upon a sensible approach that will take into account the requirements and behavior of your target audience. It is built upon the fundamental premise, “The customer is always right”. It therefore follows that you must take into account their needs and wants. This approach will help you achieve a good SEO ranking and stay ahead of your competitors.