What’s Trending in Digital Marketing News and Trends in Social Media?

What are the top five digital marketing statistics for 2021? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more in this article. We’ve also included a link to a free downloadable version of our in-depth report if you’re interested. The following statistics will really allow you to pin point which marketing strategy is best for you:

Digital Marketing News

The number one indicator for digital marketing success in the future is… virtual events. These exciting statistics come from the second quarter of this year’s Growth Report from Forrester Research, Inc. This graphic from a top digital marketing company shows how the trend of “in person events vs. virtual events” will ultimately change business. In this new trend, companies will host or attend virtual events instead of in-person events. This means that as your target audience becomes more tech savvy, your marketing mix will change to include more digital channels.

In the second quarter, there was a marked shift toward e-commerce when compared with last year. This represents one of the biggest leaps forward in digital marketing history, especially considering how dramatically mobile computing and internet usage have changed over the last few years. Mobile commerce and content delivery will create massive opportunities for companies to push their brand forward. It also points to an interesting new trend: companies may focus primarily on one area of digital marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising or an affiliate marketing campaign, and ignore other forms. But as we’re seeing, this could be a dangerous strategy that can result in missing the next train of growth.

The second trend of the twenty-first century is YouTube channel growth. In this digital marketing news, YouTube is being utilized by businesses as an effective vehicle to drive traffic to their website and generate sales. It’s no surprise that companies are starting to hire third-party companies like ClickBank to help them promote their products through YouTube channels. Although it may seem like a strange fit, the fact is that YouTube’s updated user-friendly interface and huge viewer-base could quickly boost your visibility while simultaneously driving traffic to your website.

As part of the second quarter’s digital marketing news, Google is coming out with their new “20century Core Update.” Google’s new core update merges many of the changes that have been happening under the sun over the past year. Many of these changes were focused on improving the experience on mobile search and browsing, but now the focus is shifting to the enterprise. As part of the upgrade, Google is looking to improve things like productivity and ease of use for the web site user.

One area where many businesses have been making improvements is in their in-person events. Most large corporations are now holding virtual events that connect with clients and prospects throughout the world. For many companies, virtual events help them get directly involved with their clients while they are on the road. But it’s not just large corporations that are making improvements in their in-person events. The third quarter’s Digital Marketing News featured several smaller organizations that saw significant changes in their in-person events. One of those smaller companies, the travel agency W Travel, saw its in-person business nearly double after the core update.

Another interesting change in Digital Marketing News was how social media is impacting the in-person events industry. Some observers have predicted that the next decade will see more organizations using social media outlets to connect with clients and prospects. It’s clear how that could have an impact on how you approach your marketing, but it’s not clear how that impact will happen or how you’ll be able to capture the momentum that’s going to come from these trends.

In a future article we’ll take a look at how these trends are affecting the in-person and e-commerce industries. But for now, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your in-person and e-commerce efforts altogether. There are plenty of benefits to these trends for both larger and smaller companies. We just need to continue to watch how these trends evolve in order to keep up with the competition. In the next installment of this Digital Marketing News series, we’ll take a look at how changing consumer expectations could impact your ability to effectively market and promote your products and services in a new and exciting way.