What You Should Know About a SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a costly undertaking for small or medium sized businesses. However, in the recent past, many organizations have realized that their bottom line increases with aggressive SEO, even when the costs are incurred early on in the process. This has created a much larger segment of businesses seeking ways to “cut” their budgets and improve efficiency, while simultaneously improving the bottom line of their organization. In response, several search engine optimization consulting firms have begun to offer a variety of services tailored to the SEO needs of these organizations.

SEO Audit

SEO is an ongoing process and long term investment, and SEO audit services (on-page, off-page, and keyword competitive analysis) will act as your personal digital roadmap to success. Whether you decide to implement other services or not, reliable website grader tools will provide you with a clear picture of your current situation, as well as an opportunity to get your business on the right track. While many of the solutions offered by these consultancies can be implemented by yourself, it is always best to have the assistance of a professional. Whether you decide to hire a freelance SEO consultant, an SEO consultancy firm, or one of the hundreds of SEO outsourcing companies in the UK, a comprehensive report can help you make wise decisions regarding your website’s strategy and implementation.

SEO Consultant Services: There are several key areas that are addressed by SEO audits. In order to understand what needs to be improved upon in order to achieve the greatest degree of site prominence for your company, you need to understand your competitors. This requires a thorough understanding of the websites in your local area and what search terms they are using to draw visitors to their websites. For instance, if you own a business that offers mobile-friendly versions of its services, it’s important to understand whether you are lagging behind competitors who offer this as part of their SEO strategies. Likewise, a consultation with a SEO consultancy firm can help you determine what type of mobile-friendly strategies are most effective for your specific industry. With this information in hand, you can implement strategies that will both attract visitors to your websites and increase your page rankings in search results.

Local SEO Strategies: One of the main benefits of an SEO audit is the opportunity to find out what types of local SEO opportunities are working for your business. In today’s competitive market place, most local businesses are making the effort to gain local traffic. While this can be accomplished through pay per click campaigns, content marketing, and even promotional events, there are also other avenues to consider when improving your business’s online presence. A qualified SEO consultant can help you explore your options and determine which options will provide the most benefit to your company and your customers.

Website Audit Tool: An SEO audit tool should include various different components. First, there should be a comprehensive website review. This should assess your entire website structure, from the pages themselves down to the backlinks between pages. Next, there should be a comparison of keywords throughout your site. Keywords are the key to search engine results pages (SERPs), and if a search engine optimization firm can’t analyze your site properly, then your company isn’t getting the best possible SEO results.

Duplicate Site Elements Review: Many search engines look at the number of links between any two sites and determine the quality of each. If duplicate content exists on your website, search engines may penalize your site. There are two reasons why duplicate content is problematic. First, it creates a problem with the search engine’s algorithms that can affect rankings. Second, it can create a problem with your network of internal and external link partners.

Webmaster Tools to Use Before the SEO Audit: Most search engine optimization firms include a website grader tool in their arsenal. In addition to creating duplicate content, the website grader tool can actually identify duplicate sitemaps. The main drawback to using this tool is that many search engines do not offer this as part of their website analysis tool sets. If the website grader tool you’re using doesn’t include this functionality, it’s a good idea to examine whether or not the tool is truly comprehensive or just a basic duplicate detection tool.

Backlink Analysis: The last component of an SEO audit involves looking at the backlinks that exist between any given page and your chosen target term. A backlink is a link from another webmaster that directs visitors to your site. A higher number of backlinks from related websites means that your target term is being directed to your site more often than competition. While it’s always a good idea to increase the backlinks you have, an SEO consultant can provide you with more information about your backlink strategy and how to increase your overall link saturation.