What Is the Top SEO Trends for 2021?

Search engine optimisation (SEO), like all other marketing tools, is not static. There are constant changes to SEO tactics as the market changes. However, because SEO is such an important aspect of online marketing, it is important to understand these trends so that you can adapt your SEO tactics with the times and increase your chances of success. Understanding SEO trends will also help you identify new trends which may otherwise go unnoticed by your competitors. Here are some SEO statistics which you should become familiar with:


Trends – Finding out a few key SEO trends can be a good indicator of what the future holds for your site. Search engines will never stop trying to categorise websites based on how they are laid out or how their content is organised. If you want your site to appear at the top of the search engines results page then you need to focus on two things: improving the layout of your page (which may take a number of different approaches) and offering fresh content which is unique to your site. To find out which SEO trends are happening across the world, check out the Google SEO Toolkit.

Long tail searches – The longer your website is on the internet, the more chance there is of finding it amongst a long list of results from long tail searches. These SEO trends tend to be organic and you don’t have to do much to gain exposure. A quick glance at Google Analytics can reveal whether the majority of your site traffic is coming from these longer tail keywords. You can use the Google SEO Checker to discover the top ten keywords that your competitors are ranking for, as well as seeing how many links you are getting from these domains. Google’s pagerank is one of the most important factors which makes up a high SEO ranking.

Social media – SEO is about being noticed! Many businesses will recognise that Google is the major search engine which most people use to find products and services. To keep your SEO rankings high, you need to make sure that you are active within the social media world. There are a variety of ways to boost your SEO rankings through the use of social media. YouTube is an excellent source for video content, but you can also post in blog forums, comment on Digg and social bookmarking sites. The key with SEO and digital marketing is to add as many of these strategies as you can to your online campaigns.

AI Tools – Search engine optimization isn’t just about building links. There are a variety of AI tools available that can detect and report on various trends occurring across the web. These tools can be especially helpful for SEO strategy beginners because it is easy to miss out on some of the emerging trends. Look out for the ‘AI tool’ in your search engine optimization toolkit.

Page load speed – Google’s Panda update marked a significant downturn in page load speed, and this has become one of the most important SEO topics for businesses today. The update targeted sites which were over-performing and caused Google to drop its rating system. Google identified five major reasons for this drop: poor page titles, poor page content, reduced page body copy, slow page loading and excessive advertising. SEO experts believe that businesses need to spend at least 10% of their total daily budgets on SEO in order to benefit from Google’s Panda update. If your site has seen a drop in page load speed, then it is likely that you have been affected by this update, so it is important to address this issue today.

Keyword knowledge graphs – Although it is a well-known SEO technique, it still remains one of the most overlooked SEO strategies for websites. By using keyword knowledge graphs, you can identify high ranking keywords in just a few minutes. These knowledge graphs will also allow you to identify low-ranking keywords, and vice versa. This strategy has proven quite effective and some of the most popular agencies across the globe use it to generate leads for their clients.

Google+ Local – Following the recent ruling by the European Court, many large European companies are now focusing their business activities towards the local community. In line with this new trend, many SEO agencies are shifting their attention towards local SEO and creating pages that are more focussed towards local consumers. Some of the techniques which can be applied include creating localised content (for example, an article about local food or news about local events), publishing local citations (for example, the Times New Roman website has citations about local landmarks and attractions) and creating a Facebook presence. As far as Google is concerned, this trend is now part of the web seo strategy and as such it is something that many clients should keep in mind.