What Is the Next Big SEO Update From Google?

SEO stands forSearch Engine Optimization. It’s the method of obtaining traffic from the search engines, especially by the use of keywords. A few years back, it was possible only for a small handful of businesses to be listed in the top positions on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Today, there are thousands of web pages listed in the SERPs of Google. The reason why Google is able to gather so much data about internet searchers is because they have integrated many different online resources such as RSS feeds, content sites and directory listings.


With all these tools, the SEO professional can improve the listings on Google. SEO professionals can use techniques such as article marketing, directory submission, link building and other SEO tools. SEO also involves writing quality content articles, blog commenting, forum posting, SEO marketing campaigns and many more methods. Because of all this, SEO is an ever-changing field. Therefore, SEO has the potential to become a lucrative business venture. However, even though this is the case, SEO professionals must make sure that they continue to learn new techniques and skills.

The latest search results of Google have been changed and the changes have caused confusion among SEO professionals. It is important for SEO professionals to understand how Google plans to change the rankings of individual web pages. Google’s most recent update is known as the POCS (Proven Article Search Engine Optimization) program. Google states that this program will allow website owners to gain backlinks without the need for paying for advertising.

Google’s latest move is considered as a very significant change in the ranking algorithm of Google. Many SEO experts believe that the major reason why Google shifted its algorithms is because of mobile devices. Google recognizes that smartphones are now majorly used by Google searchers, especially those from the younger generation. As a result, Google has included mobile search results in its ranking algorithm. Therefore, SEO professionals who are aiming for higher ranking in Google’s search engine may want to focus their attention on optimizing websites for use in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Another recent update to Google’s ranking factor is the addition of the “crawl interval” keyword term into the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google has made this change in order to give website owners more control over their content. This update has proven to be beneficial to website owners because it enables them to maximize the potential of their pages while increasing the possibility of visitors staying on their sites for a longer period of time. According to SEO experts, this update is a positive step towards improving the quality of links that a website receives. However, a significant change can be seen in the Google Content Network Topical Index, which shows a cumulative layout shift of over 50%.

There are other major SEO updates in store for the future. Google states that they will continue to make improvements to the SERPs. However, no specific announcements have been made as of yet. A Google representative only stated that they are continuously making improvements to their SEO tools and ranking system so that Google’s offering is best for consumers. The company is, however, making great strides in terms of providing users with better experiences through its many Google+ and Google Places features.

Another Google initiative that has caused much discussion in the SEO community is the Google slap. Google has decided to penalize websites that display in the SERPs with the “spam index,” which includes all spam-related links. According to SEO experts, this move is part of the company’s wider effort to implement stricter measures to eliminate spam from Google’s core ranks. Many SEO professionals believe that this latest update is a move towards decreasing spam on Google. However, others believe that this will only be a temporary measure to counteract the ever-increasing problem of spammy links.

The biggest news on the recent SEO front is the news that Google is updating its core web vitals platform. The update, which will roll out over a few months, will target the largest contentful paint search tool on Google. The update will replace the older Google Toolbar with the newer Google Analytics. Google’s decision to upgrade its toolbars comes at a time when the SEO world is watching closely to see if Google’s competitors are able to fend off the threat of the newly minted Google + Business. If Google can’t beat Facebook at the social platform, what chance does it have of detaching itself from its dominant position on the most popular search engine around?