What Is The Buzz On Consumer Voice Search And Brands?

The future of marketing and online business is going to be more connected, inclusive, and informed than ever before. While some businesses still try to go the old-fashioned route of trying to win new customers through sheer hard-sell techniques, there are plenty of digital options that help you get the most from your advertising budget. It won’t be just about investing more in blatant self-promotion for outdated ideas that no longer apply the reality of today’s world. Trends are a good indication of what the future holds for marketing and where the focus should really be. Here are some of the latest trends being integrated into marketing and social media.


The focus on brands. Everywhere you look you see advertisements for new businesses, products, or services. Many of these businesses are connected to one another through their logos, social media profiles, or websites. As consumers, it is important to know whether or not the business you plan to do business with is part of a large corporate brand program or if they are more of an independent player. Many consumers are turned off by big business advertising and would rather do business with a smaller start up. The days of relying solely on traditional offline marketing methods may soon be a thing of the past as the trend toward digital channels and mobile applications like smartphones, tablets, and social networks are taking over the market.

The rise of young, digitally active consumers. The Millennials are the largest generation to never have been actively brought up to be part of a brand. They grew up with technology and now are becoming more familiar with it at an alarming rate. The rise of social media, apps, and apps that can be used on the go have marketers looking for new ways to reach these new generation of consumers.

The rise of personalized customer experience marketing. The first wave of this new style of marketing was centered around events. The reason being is that the customer experience needs to be as close to the pulse of the consumer as possible. If the event is not directly related to the brand or product, there will be little to no engagement. Instead, marketers have developed a way to get their message out about their products while still offering a personalized customer experience. This includes everything from giving out free samples to hosting an event with prizes for winners.

Branding. Google has truly opened the floodgates when it comes to creating brand awareness. Now other companies are looking to utilize the massive power of Google to market their brands.

Email marketing in the future. In the next decade, many companies will utilize email marketing like never before. Digital marketing experts are predicting that in the next two to five years, nearly every business in the world will utilize email marketing to reach their consumers. This will further increase the importance of digital personalization and email marketing in the future.

Omnichannel marketing. Another upcoming trend will be omni-channel marketing, also known as cross-channel consumer experience marketing. Basically, this means that a company will take their entire distribution system and leverage that to create an incredible amount of engagement with their customers. Brands will do this by allowing their retail stores, websites, and even mobile apps to engage with their customers on a one-on-one basis. For example, a clothing retailer might send coupons for a particular product to their retail stores, which would then encourage their current customers to check out their website, purchase the product, and/or sign up for their mobile app.

Social media marketing and voice search. Finally, another emerging trend will be social media marketing and voice search. In the near future, these two strategies will become one and the same. They will act in tandem to increase brand voice and customer engagement. Brands will do this by getting out into the community and actively engaging with their consumers.