What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is essentially the procedure of examining how efficiently your web site relates to search engine optimization practices. The purpose of this audit is to pinpoint as many fundamental issues affecting organic search engine performance as possible. The SEO audit itself will uncover:

SEO Audit

Social media. The growth and proliferation of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the landscape of online marketing and the way that many businesses think about search engines. Organic SEO efforts must now address the issues that arise from the increased use of social media. Keyword research must be undertaken with an eye towards social media. The keyword research that you conduct will need to take into account the content, tone and voice of the posts on social media sites. The relevance of the topics, or themes, that are shared in posts, to SEO keywords, and the keywords most often used to optimize content for search engines, has to be addressed.

Competitor keyword matrix reports. If your website is not properly optimized, one of the first things that visitors will notice is that it does not contain the keywords that are critical to driving targeted traffic to your site. Competitor keyword matrix reports can help you identify keyword phrases that are under-utilized and therefore not giving your company the full benefit of having that traffic. These reports also give you insight into how and why your competitors are utilizing these same keywords in order to achieve success.

Search Engine Optimization audit tools. In addition to using a number of different tools, including some from within a separate company (such as a competitor keyword analysis tool), you may want to consider utilizing a search terms analyzer tool. This tool will generate a list of potential search terms that are relevant to your products and services and will help you to understand which of these terms are offering the greatest level of traffic. You can then use this list in conjunction with the competitiveness report to effectively determine which search terms are offering you the greatest level of success. It’s important to note that an effective search terms analysis tool should offer you the ability to compare each tool individually to ensure that you are comparing all of them at the same time.

Competition Analysis. During an audit, it’s important to identify whether or not there are any obvious trends in terms of who is ranking well and who is not. By identifying any weaknesses in your optimization strategy, you can make immediate changes that will help your website perform better, and in some cases, significantly better than your competition.

Search engine rank analysis tools. This type of tool will allow you to easily monitor the performance of specific key phrases in comparison to others that are ranking well. Because they often rely on data provided by the major search engines, such as Google, it’s often the case that the moz ranks will be lower than your competitors’. However, by analyzing the competition you can identify how you can improve your own site in order to rank higher.

Search engine optimization audit. If you aren’t incorporating video into your website as part of a blog, landing pages, or any form of digital marketing, you may not realize the importance video has in attracting visitors. While many people assume that video sites like YouTube are purely text-based, a new wave of video-centric websites are appearing that are providing consumers with a unique experience through rich visual content. These sites are quickly becoming the dominant search engine results, and in some cases, they outrank the most heavily trafficked sites on the internet. In order to gain an advantage, it’s important to thoroughly examine your entire digital marketing infrastructure in order to determine where you need improvements.

SEO audits aren’t something you just have to do once. While some SEO tools perform better under certain circumstances, most will continue to do well even when the competition isn’t good. In order to optimize for these ever-changing social media landscapes, it’s important to develop an understanding of search engine optimization trends and patterns so that your company can effectively adapt. The right SEO tool can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors while reducing your own risk of slipping up and creating a buzz about your business on the wrong platform. With an SEO audit tool that identifies current problem areas and offers a strategy to address them, you can take your online presence to the next level and put your business on the road to success.