What is an SEO Audit?

What exactly is an SEO Audit? An SEO audit is an evaluation that assesses your site’s performance when it comes to the current SEO best practises. An SEO audit will focus on the content of your site as well as how the links from other sites link to your site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising web pages and their content for highly searchable keywords, which are determined by search engines. The importance of SEO has grown over the years and more companies and individuals are recognising this.

The Internet has greatly changed the way people search, therefore SEO techniques must change also to stay competitive. In order to increase the number of visitors to your site, you need to optimise the pages on your site in order to attract the correct type of visitors. SEO specialists and Internet Marketers work closely together in order to determine the right marketing approach. SEO targets the number of searches performed each month on a particular keyword or key phrases. If the volume of searches is high enough then your page will be listed in the first few results pages of major search engines like Google.

An SEO Audit is usually carried out with the help of a third party. An SEO specialist and/or an Internet Marketer will analyse your web pages, identify the key phrases and keywords that draw the highest amount of traffic, and then decide which SEO practices you need to implement to achieve the best possible ranking in the listings. One of the main methods of SEO includes on-page and off-page optimization. Both methods have an impact on the rankings of your site. On-page optimization can make the difference between receiving organic traffic and getting paid search engine traffic. Organic search engine traffic is referred to as “free” traffic.

On-page audits will include the process of competitive analysis. Competitive analysis draws together a list of keywords and key phrases that your target audience is using to search for similar products and information online. By combining this with on-page analysis and research, you can develop strategies to dominate your category and even keywords within your own category. These strategies can in turn be used in off-page audits in order to implement the best practices into your web pages.

The objective of a SEO audit is to ensure the website is optimised to receive the most targeted search traffic. The methods used to draw targeted search traffic are very important. Keyword research, link building and user experience design are all designed to enhance your ranking and make it more likely that your page will be listed within the top 10 results for the particular keyword or key phrase that you are targeting.

When conducting a SEO audit, Internet Marketers and SEO Specialists will also look at the overall design and construction of their websites. Many Internet marketers struggle to understand the importance of building their sites with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. This can lead to building websites that are both aesthetically unattractive and largely non-functional. A detailed report will identify these problems and how to address them to improve the user experience and the search engine ranking of your site.

A comprehensive SEO audit will look at the on-page and off-page aspects of your site. The on-page audit will focus on the url structure, title tags and meta description. The off-page audit reports will focus on the title tag and description tag structures. This includes performing keyword research, competitor analysis and competitor comparison.

A thorough SEO audit should include all of the above. This will give you the ability to see exactly where your current strengths and weaknesses lie and how you can strengthen them to improve your ranking. You may be surprised to discover that you do not need to change your entire website structure but just make a few changes to the elements that are ranking well for your particular keywords.