What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is basically a process that checks up on your current performance in regards to current SEO best practises, when it comes to your site’s performance in Google. Audit is carried out to different areas of your site including; competitor analysis, link building and content development. This involves looking at the link popularity of each page of your site. competitor analysis gives an indication of what keywords are being used by other sites to obtain traffic and leads from your site. The analysis also gives information about the number of times each of these keywords has been used over a certain period of time.

The second area which SEO audit looks into is social media. Social media can give a lot of information about your business as it contains information about you, your company and your staff. To make the most of this you need to keep the information you provide, relevant and up to date. One way to do this is to obtain links back to your site from various social media sites. Linking back from social media helps search engine spiders to crawl your pages more often and improving your ranking and position within Google and other search engines.

There are different methods for SEO audit in order to obtain results. Some of these include; using software to check the link and title structure of pages and their contents, competitor analysis and the crawls done on a daily basis. This information is vital to know and understand if you want to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. Link building is done with the aim of improving the quality of links to your site and thus improving the overall quality and relevance of search engine results.

The aim of the backlink audit is to increase your website’s rankings in Google and other search engines. There are many ways in which to carry out an audit including; purchasing a software program that provides information on backlinks, RSS feeds and blogging. These audits can be carried out manually as well as electronically through RSS feeds, blogs, article submission sites etc.

SEO site audits are designed to identify problems with your site and then work towards improving your ranking on Google and other search engines. Site audits are very important for improving your ranking and getting new traffic to your site. This in turn will help you to achieve your main business objective, which is to enhance sales and profits.

SEO audit tools such as mozbar provide vital information that helps in analyzing the performance of your SEO campaign. Mortar has a simple interface and is very easy to use. This tool is available free of charge and it gives you valuable information such as; bounce rate, hit rate, errors, page rank, competition analysis, competitor analysis, organic traffic analysis and site audit. It also provides information about how many visitors visit your site, how many times a visitor visits your page, when, what pages, how long a visitor stays on your site and what keywords they used to access your site. This important information helps you understand your online marketing strategy and help you improve your SEO strategy accordingly.

A bounce rate is the number of visitors who land on your web page after clicking the link in the left sidebar but exited the page without visiting any of the links. A high bounce rate can mean that your SEO efforts are ineffective. If a large percentage of visitors landing on your site after clicking the link in the left sidebar but exited the page without moving anywhere then this may mean that your SEO efforts are ineffective. A hit rate is the number of visitors who visited your page once, then moved away without taking any action. This can also mean that your SEO efforts are ineffective if a high percentage of these visitors did not take any action.

A good SEO audit should contain all these tools and metrics to get to the core of your SEO work. In addition to these tools and metrics you should also have a collection of reports that tell you where you are in terms of SEO and which SEO efforts are paying off the most. A good audit will review the past SEO history of your company, tell you what your current ranking is and what your future goals might be. It will also review your competitor’s performance and give you useful insights into what you can do to improve your SEO audit so that you can get to the top as soon as possible.