What is an SEO Audit?

SEO audits, also known as content audits or competitor audits, are a critical component to a successful online marketing strategy. An SEO audit is basically the procedure of examining how well your internet site relates to certain keywords and best practices applicable to your business industry. The goal of the audit is to pinpoint as many underlying issues impacting organic search performance as feasible. These include but are not limited to:

SEO Audit

While every Internet marketing company will provide reports during an audit, not all reports can be considered important. Ideally, reports should contain two separate documents; one being a summary report of what was reviewed, and the second being recommendations. Generally, a digital marketing company will offer a series of SEO reports, one focused on key elements of the SEO audit and another focused on areas that were not addressed. In addition, companies may offer additional reports that are geared towards increasing your business’s search visibility and ranking.

For those conducting the search engine optimization audit, there are several tools available. SEO Quotes is a free tool offered by most major search engines. Enter a number for a search phrase, and the tool will generate a list of competitors based on specific search terms. This tool provides valuable information on how your website measures up against similar websites. Other tools include SERP Rank Check, Google Keyword Tool, and Free Online Competition Analysis.

Another important component to the seo audit process is analyzing the performance of your website through social media metrics. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms. By monitoring the activities of your competitors, you can assess your efforts in the right direction. Backlinks can also be assessed through social media. Utilizing social media analysis tools, such as Apps or Websites like Backlinking Inspector, will give you insight into the number of inbound links to your site.

While many seo audits focus on the technical aspects of the website, there are other more important factors that impact your company’s bottom line. A lack of traffic can result in a quick loss of customers or subscribers. Proper search engine optimization can help you stay ahead of your competition. Whether your firm is an individual, an internet marketing company, or a corporation, every aspect of your business needs to be performing at a high level.

The complete website checkup includes a variety of different aspects of operation. Backlinks analysis reveals the amount and type of backlinks coming to your site. Google Analytics displays the location of users on your site and also reveals other relevant data. Google Toolkit provides valuable information about the keywords that are being used to search the entire website. If the analysis of your competitors reveals a large disparity between their page rank and yours, a backlink analysis is definitely a helpful part of your search engine optimization package.

The other major part of the SEO Audit is on-page audit. This is usually performed by hiring a professional SEO firm or an individual with expertise in this area. These experts will perform an on-page audit to discover flaws in the URL structure. For example, if a large amount of internal or alternate domains are associated with your main domain, you need to correct this as it decreases the relevance of your website. On-page audits are very thorough and thoroughly cover the content of your site. Most often, these audits result in a detailed analysis of the keywords and links used to optimize your site.

SEO audits are beneficial because they reveal unnecessary weaknesses and potential problems. However, just like any other project, you cannot undertake an on-site audit all on your own. Hiring a qualified SEO firm will ensure that all areas of your site are analyzed effectively. A professional firm will also make use of in-house and outside resources to help complete the audit in a timely manner. If you don’t feel comfortable conducting the audit on your own, you can always hire an expert to ensure that the final report and analysis are comprehensive and completely accurate.