What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a review of your website’s performance. When carried out by an experienced SEO consultant, it can identify gaps in site functionality, identify any ineffective keyword usage and suggest ways to remedy these issues. An SEO audit also checks the health of the website and, by doing this, prevents unnecessary spam and creates suggestions for how to optimize further. SEO audits are incredibly important for several reasons, not least of which are Google changes and new search algorithms. This article will go into more depth about how they can help you optimise your website.

SEO Audit

The most important thing to note about SEO is that it all comes down to a fundamental principle of search engines. The algorithms used by Google and other search engines are designed to index websites in terms of the keyword density they contain. This is based on several factors including page content and formatting, which are known as ‘keyword density’.

Keywords and keyword research are vital when aiming to achieve high ranking rankings. An SEO audit will identify the keywords that are most relevant to the content of your site. This then enables you to build content around these keywords, which in turn optimizes your site for search engines. The process of finding relevant keywords is called keyword research and using tools such as Google’s Keyword Research Tool can be extremely beneficial when researching your competition.

A good SEO audit will also identify how many links back to your site are actually from the specific website you’re targeting. Links back to your site from other sites should be counted as incoming links, and the quality of these links is a major factor in the search engine rankings. A poor link structure is also bad news, as search engine bots can easily see this. Poor linking structures will lower a site’s search engine rankings and could result in your being banned from the search engines altogether. This, of course, results in less traffic and less money from your end.

Another important aspect of an SEO audit involves the page titles and meta descriptions of each page on your site. SEO refers to the techniques used to improve the listings that appear in the search engine results pages. The meta description, or’metadata’, is the description of your page in the search engine’s database which shows what the page is about and what keywords were included with it. This is very helpful when trying to attract visitors to your site, as these are what are displayed in the search engine results pages. Whilst meta descriptions do not affect rankings directly, their inclusion on a page can, under certain circumstances, make a difference to a site’s SEO profile. Meta descriptions should therefore not be absent from a site’s pages, but properly describe each page on your site in a relevant and accurate manner.

Another part of an SEO audit is to look at the user behaviour on your website. User behaviour is a technical term which refers to how users use a particular website, and the factors which lead them to using it in the first place. The goal of a SEO audit is to identify areas which are making it difficult for users to navigate and find the information they need, as well as to identify any problems with the website design and structure which are making it difficult to use the site effectively. An SEO audit will also look into the code which runs the website, looking for any mistakes that are making it hard for the users to understand the website or its contents.

Finally, it is essential to identify the pages that are most popular with your target audience, and to make these pages the most high-quality content on your entire website. Research your targeted audience online to identify what keywords they may be using to find your page, and use these keywords throughout the page to make your page stand out from the competition. It is important that search engines understand that your page contains links to other relevant pages, so that it can improve your ranking when these other pages rank highly for the same keyword. An SEO audit will focus on identifying the most effective SEO strategies for your site, as well as determining whether any unnecessary elements are being placed on your page that are not needed.

Optimizing for the most popular keywords and phrases is a great way to optimize a page for future SEO. However, a large amount of traffic is generally received using common keywords, and unless you have a large amount of money to spend on advertising your page, it may be best to optimize each page individually for commonly used keywords. SEO outsourcing firms specialize in optimizing each page of your site individually and will have established techniques for finding the most relevant keywords for your business. Therefore it is highly recommended that you contract a SEO consultancy to optimize your site for your specific keywords, rather than attempting to optimize all of your pages at the same time.