What Does This Mean for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

A lot of people are hearing the words “digital marketing” and “statistics” all the time. But what is it really? And why is it so important? How can digital marketing statistics be used to your advantage? These and many more questions are answered below.

Digital Marketing News

Statistics – Many believe that advertising is all about keeping up with the latest trends. However, digital marketing experts suggest otherwise. While it’s certainly true that there is a ton of information out there about today’s most popular social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Foursquare, there is one fact that no one seems to be able to get their heads around: consumers actually buy, or at least like, what they see when they read. So if you want to make your ads more effective, you’ve got to keep abreast of the latest trends.

By selling products or services on your social media pages or through e-commerce sites like Etsy, you can better reach out to your audience to make an impact on them. On the flipside, if you’re trying to figure out what to sell next, you might want to take a cue from the people who decide what’s hot and what’s not: moms. Moms make up a huge chunk of the world’s population and if you understand how moms shop (or don’t shop), you’ll have a leg up on your competitors.

Trends – If you want to stay on top of the digital marketing landscape, then you’ve got to stay on top of technology as well. Thanks to companies like YouTube and BizRate, consumers are bombarded with a slew of new videos every day. Marketers can use these to create buzzworthy ads, which is a key to gaining online exposure.

Virtual Events – As the Internet continues to develop into more cutting-edge platforms, marketers will need to stay on top of emerging trends in order to be heard. While digital marketing companies have long-term goals of influencing our buying decisions, the first order of business for these firms is to establish presence on the masses’ radar screens. By making and airing high quality video clips, marketers can establish their presence on YouTube and other virtual events channels, while engaging customers at the same time.

In-Person Events – Although the Internet is quickly becoming a major player in the consumer marketplace, the in-person experience has never been more important. According to Digital Marketing News, attending a virtual event has become the norm in how consumers learn about new products. Video clips featuring product demonstrations and/or testimonials from current users and consumers alike are now the norm. If you want your products and brand to really stand out, attend events where you can make your presence known. Digital Marketing News notes that these social media outlets provide the perfect platform for product demonstrations, promotions, and direct customer feedback.

The Future of Digital Marketing – A popular question in many DMCN forum discussions revolves around what the future of digital marketing will look like. According to Digital Marketing News, the main focus for the next five years lies in making the experience of shopping more engaging for customers. Experiences that are more engaging, informative, and reflective of what consumers actually want, will help brands better connect with customers and influence their buying decisions.

The Future of In-Person Events – The question as to how does this affect your 2021 digital marketing strategy goes beyond products and services. According to Digital Marketing News, the future may lie in non-traditional venues such as in-person events and conferences. Many consumers prefer virtual events over traditional ones because they are more personal and allow consumers to get a closer look at the brand and its leaders. A digital brand may be able to use in-person events to gain new insights by allowing fans to attend events in which the leaders in the industry speak.