What Does Google’s Hummingbird Effect Mean for SEO?

The Google Algorithm change was one of the biggest algorithm updates to Google’s ranking system. The previous three algorithm updates changed the way that Google prioritized certain search terms and this was done in an attempt to bring more relevance and focus to the Google user experience. The new updates put Google in a much more competitive position against other search engines and also resulted in a new set of guidelines and policies for how Google would rank websites. We’ll take a deeper look into the changes that were brought about by Google with these three updates.

Google Algorithm

The first major update to Google’s ranking policy was the introduction of Hummingbird. This algorithm change was designed to rank websites on two different levels – the specific and broad keyword phrases. Google decided that users weren’t happy with Google seeing their websites appear for the same terms again when they searched for the same information. To remedy this problem, Hummingbird sought to eliminate irrelevant results from appearing for the specific keywords.

Google wanted to keep relevant results front and center and have the best overall experience from searching through the Google platform. Because Hummingbird, the second major update to Google’s ranking policy, was only available to a select group of developers and marketers, many were left wondering what the big deal was. What exactly is the benefit of having the ability to see a site’s ranking position? Is it not just another number? Fortunately, the answer is both yes and no.

Google’s previous updates only prioritized keyword usage. They determined which sites would appear for a given set of keywords and which ones would not. This resulted in search results that are highly competitive and heavily biased toward those sites that are highly popular with online visitors. Many people use search engines daily and getting results that are specifically tailored to their needs is essential. This is where Hummingbird changed things.

Google’s algorithm has always been complicated and somewhat illogical in nature. It is not completely clear to many outside of the SEO world what the algorithm does but many believe it favors websites with specific content. The new Hummingbird algorithm takes this a step further by not only looking at how the site is structured, but also at the content on the site. Because search engines are still trying to provide users with the most useful search results, it makes sense to give them more options.

In addition to being able to tailor search results to individual keywords, Hummingbird offers other improvements to the Google ranking process. For example, websites that have recently been visited will be seen as more important. This is accomplished by measuring the number of times the website is accessed. Google also makes it easier to connect to a website through links. This is known as “Inbound Links.”

Because Google is constantly changing their algorithm, many SEO experts are speculating if the changes Hummingbird is implementing will effect SEO in the long run. If you use an established SEO firm, it would be smart to take some time and look at the algorithm and its effects on SEO in general. However, if you’re a beginner in SEO and just want to start creating quality backlinks quickly, it may not make much of a difference. Whether or not this affects SEO in the long run remains to be seen. The algorithms are complicated and many people feel that it is best left up to the experts when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

However, the algorithm does have an impact on ranking a website. As Google’s Page Rank system (PR) continues to change and adapt to changing search needs, it may become harder for certain sites to maintain their rankings. For many SEO companies, this is good news as it means they are not stuck in a rut of trying to get their site listed high in order to continue to grow in popularity. If a client wants to find the next site to grow their business with, Google’s new changes may be exactly what they need in order to achieve that goal.