What Does An SEO Audit Really Do?

SEO Audit

What Does An SEO Audit Really Do?

An SEO audit is a necessary part of any site lifecycle, particularly if an online business wishes to boost its online popularity. Depending on the outcome, you can either remove the SEO problems and move on with the next project or devise plans for the business improvement and the entire project in general. However, before delving into these issues you should be aware of the different methods used in SEO. Some of the methods used include natural search engine optimization, copywriting and competitor analysis.

Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process by which websites are designed and developed in such a manner so that they receive high-quality search results. The process includes creating the content, optimizing the content, testing the content and then making any required changes. This will ensure that your website receives maximum exposure and also ensures that it gets the desired traffic so that it starts earning profits. It is usually done through strategies like directory submission, link building, keyword research, competitor analysis and more. This type of organic SEO audit process ensures that the website maintains its high rank on the search results pages of major search engines like Yahoo!, MSN and Google.

Competitor Analysis is a type of SEO Audit where the objectives of the website are investigated and then analyzed with respect to their competitors. The main objectives include improving the traffic, decreasing the cost and improving the ranking and visibility of the website. These objectives are usually achieved by conducting an SEO audit that compares the ranking and performance of the website with that of competitors. This is done by collecting and analyzing information about the website’s design and development, keywords used, search engine optimization strategy, marketing approach and other factors that affect the performance. Once the objectives are properly understood and the competitors are assessed, a plan can be developed and implemented to achieve the top ranking positions.

Link Building SEO audit aims at improving the search engine ranking by analyzing the quality and quantity of internal and external links that are directed at the site. This is done by checking whether the content provided by the website provides information and data that are useful for search engines. Links are of different types and importance as well as quality. If the site has links from high PR websites and valuable information is provided by these links, the result of improving the ranking and increasing traffic is guaranteed. A lot of time and money goes in investing in the link popularity and page rank.

Site Speed & Utilization SEO audit investigate the site speed and make efforts to make changes that improve the site speed and the efficiency of the web server. When the site speeds up, it increases the number of visitors. The search rankings of the site are improved when it becomes faster. As a result, the users enjoy better experience while searching. If the site continues to run slowly, the performance will deteriorate and this may affect the overall online user experience.

On-page Optimization An on-page optimization audit makes an attempt to increase the amount of traffic to the site by improving the content and reducing spamming and duplicate contents. It also looks for broken links, missing alt tags, missing image alt tags, blank images and other similar issues. Many small sites do not perform well in search engine rankings because they have a number of duplicate content issues on their pages. A large site audit will identify the source of duplicate content, take necessary steps to remove the duplicate content and then optimize the site for the best ranking possible.

Microdata Metadata An SEO audit makes an effort to detect the presence of any known issues in the coding and then improves the codes for improved performance. The main reasons for poor performance of a website are found errors in the URL structure, misspelled words in the web address, typos in the content of webpages, absence of header tags and other similar issues. SEO firms perform a check on all these parameters to identify any potential problem areas. When SEO companies identify such problems, they check the code of the website and then fix the same.

Meta Description Tags play an important role in the ranking algorithms of Google and other search engines. If a website has a significant amount of low quality pages (pages with very little informative content), then Google and other search engines may consider that the website is unreliable. To improve the search engine ranking, it is important for a website to have a well structured Meta description Content. This helps the search engine algorithms to understand the nature of the site. A good SEO audit also checks for misspelled words in the web address, missing alt tags, wrong Microdata schema markup etc. All these factors reduce the amount of traffic received by a website.