What Can You Expect From Marketing?

Marketing is a tricky art and science that any marketer will need to learn. The art of marketing includes the design, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, research, and evaluation of marketing activities to ensure a successful marketing mix. A marketing plan is a sequential actionable strategy to influence public opinion, create leads, and increase customer engagement. It visualizes where to do your marketing campaign and message, who to target to, and how and when to implement the marketing plan.


Trends in Marketing Growth Marketing Strategies The marketing landscape has undergone significant changes within the last few years. Growth in digital media has created a marketplace for new businesses, products, and services that were previously available only to a select few industries. The Internet, social media, and mobile apps are making it easier than ever before to reach target audiences. In addition, some promotion strategies have been nearly eradicated from the scene, while others continue to evolve into digital marketing gold mines. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to stay on top of emerging trends to capitalize on their opportunities.

What Are the Best Strategies? The “Big Five” marketing strategies are still quite popular: Digital Promotion Strategy, Offline Promotion Strategies, Social Media Promotion Strategies, and Mobile Marketing Strategies. While many companies utilize all four strategies, there are still some that are growing in popularity. Which digital marketing strategies are best for you? Below is a look at the most popular trends from last year and predictions for this year.

Traditional Media is quickly becoming obsolete thanks to the rise of social media and mobile technology. For example, newspapers are losing circulation, magazines are going digital, and billboard ads are getting less response. Thanks to the advent of email, it has become easier than ever to reach your audience. Additionally, the rise of digital subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. has made it easy for consumers to cut their TV watching time and subscribe to digital networks wherever they are.

Online Marketing New methods of advertising are popping up every day, as more companies seek to tap into the massive potential that the internet holds. This year will be no different, with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Pinterest experiencing explosive growth. In fact, there will be even more companies joining the ranks as traditional media companies look to cut costs by going directly to consumers via the internet. Traditional marketing is no longer just about billboards, TV commercials, radio ads, etc… It is now about providing quality content, engaging customers, and making sure that their interests are being met.

Online Marketing Strategies This is the age of digital audiences. When you have an online presence, your primary goal is to provide useful content that your audience desires. It is also important to keep in mind that this content should be presented professionally. Many traditional media venues are now catering to online audiences, so there is not as much opportunity to fail when it comes to presenting your content. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are a great way to reach new audiences. They are very popular among the youth and will help to further your brand’s image.

Direct Marketing This method of marketing requires two separate components: A target audience and a direct method of communication. You must identify who your target audience will be and then design a campaign that targets them directly. Many companies are turning towards mobile marketing as this strategy can reach a large portion of the population at once. Mobile Marketing encompasses marketing content to the mobile phone, which can be very lucrative.

Digital Media such as podcasts, videos, streaming media, etc., are all areas that are rapidly expanding. As people continue to move away from traditional TV viewing to online video, digital media is the perfect choice for advertising. If you cannot afford an expensive campaign with a large volume of viewers, digital media may be the right fit for you. Your budget will dictate how much you spend on digital marketing.