What Brands Should Learn From Influencers?

Marketing is one of the key components to growing any business large or small. Today, marketing has become a crucial part of doing business for corporations and individuals alike. Marketing determines the success or failure of a company. Marketing informs customers about a business and what they need or want. Today, marketing strategies encompass several channels including print ads, radio, TV, and the Internet.


With so much attention being paid to digital media and social media in particular, it makes sense that marketers would turn to the Internet for some of their marketing strategies. According to the Advertising Week Research survey, there are now three times more Internet users that visit a website than ever before. There are nearly 2.6 billion monthly unique users. There are also more than three million mobile device users. There is a direct relationship between mobile user demographics and advertising trends. There are many small business trends that can be tracked by conducting an Internet search on a particular channel.

One trend that is starting to grow is digital marketing or social media marketing. This type of marketing is increasing in popularity because of the ease of tracking, analyzing, and then acting on changes in consumer behavior. The number of businesses incorporating this into their marketing plans is on the rise as well. The following are some of the findings from a recent study conducted by Forrester Research.

Most businesses focus on the quality of their visual content when it comes to marketing. Visual content such as images, video, and music can be used in digital ads to target certain audiences. These visual content pieces can be developed by third parties or within the business itself. From an Internet perspective, the top three Internet trends tracked during the research include: videos, images, and audio/video. The Internet is quickly becoming a preferred place to purchase anything and everything. From physical goods to digital content, the Internet is quickly becoming a prime location to advertise business as well.

Images and video are being used in digital ads more often for marketing purposes. Studies show that consumers spend approximately six seconds on each social network site browsing and searching. Marketing managers can use this information to increase exposure by posting videos or images related to the product or service offered by a business. Consumers spend a minimum of five minutes per visit to a website. With this information, marketers can create content that will generate interest from the consumer. According to the research, marketers are making approximately three times more sales through visual content than through written content.

Audio and video are also becoming increasingly popular ways to market products and services. When consumers are not actively searching for a business online, they are likely to check in the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The same goes for visually impaired consumers who find products or services that are visually designed as well as having audio and video components. These three types of media can help a business to promote a product or service on a variety of social media platforms.

Social media influencers, or marketing entrepreneurs, can use social media platforms to find customers and clients through recommendations. Influencers typically build networks with other influencers in their particular industry. A group of professionals will review the company’s website and provide feedback to help shape the company’s strategy. By understanding what consumers say about the products or services being offered, the marketing manager can effectively increase traffic to a website or turn a prospective customer into an actual client.

Social media influencers are professionals who use social media to influence their own businesses as well as those of their friends. However, not all marketers say that it works. According to an influencer, not all social networking sites work for marketing purposes. However, he says that it is worth the investment. According to him, he believes that it is better to spend money on paid advertising than pay for advertising space on social networking sites that are not effective. He advises business owners to invest in influencers who are influential but affordable.