What Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques Can Do For Your Online Business?

Black Hat SEO is when a website engages in activities which are considered to be unethical or get a website banned from the search indexing services. White Hat SEO strategies are heroes in search engines terms of service because they work within search engines to increase a websites ranking in search results pages (SERPs). White Hat strategies are what website owners want on their sites because they help a website to gain organic search engine traffic and improve visibility. However black hat strategies are what website owners don’t want on their sites because they get a website banned from the search indexing services and reduce a website’s ranking in SERPs.

There are many black hat seo practices such as keyword stuffing, which is an unethical SEO practice that should get you banned from the SEO services altogether. Keyword stuffing is when a website loads its content completely with keywords. For example, if a customer types in dog training then the website should load all content related to dog training. Keyword stuffing decreases a website’s ranking in SERPs because it makes content to much and keyword stuffing increases the amount of time it takes for a website to load. When a website loads entirely with keywords, a website becomes very unfriendly to customers and this means no one will click on links to that website. If the customer doesn’t see any content on the website and keeps clicking on the links, the SEO services will flag that website which can lead to the customer seeing an error message on their browser and ultimately hitting the back button.

These techniques have been known to cause Google and other search engines to devalue websites. This can cost website owners thousands of dollars in search engine optimization costs. The reason why black hat SEO practices are banned by Google is because they are very unethical. They spam the engines and the results can lead to the website being banished or demoted from the search engines altogether. Black Hat SEO will spam the engines and gets a lot of traffic, but over time this traffic will cost a website owner lots of money. White Hat SEO on the other hand can help a business make money without costing a lot of money.

Search Engine Optimization techniques can also help businesses gain more visibility on the internet. For example, if a business has a website with ten thousand pages then they could potentially gain twenty million visitors to their site each month. This will allow them to gain higher conversion rate. Higher conversion rate means they are able to convert visitors into buyers.

Black Hat SEO practices can also cause Google and other search engines to devalue your website. One of the reasons for this is because they attempt to trick Google into thinking your site is dishonest. SEO cloaking methods attempt to trick Google into thinking that a website is created under a false name when it is not. This is done by using words like “lawyer” and “sis” in the URL or title. Other methods that are used for cloaking include creating websites with misspelled words, using fillers instead of punctuation marks, and using headers with a different typeface than the rest of the text on the page.

There are ways that Black Hat SEO practices can be beneficial. The main thing to remember is that they have been known to devalue websites and cause major search engines to drop rankings. This practice should not be taken lightly. If you notice the rankings dropping then review the practices used. These types of tactics are not common but when done properly can prove very beneficial.