What Are the Top 3 Local SEO Factors That Matter?

Are you in charge of maintaining your business’s SEO page? If you are, then you know how important it is to keep up with the changes that occur on the SEO landscape every day. How do you do that? By incorporating all the newest trends in SEO into your SEO process. One of the newest trends in SEO is Link Building and with Link Building, you will be able to effectively dominate the SERPs!


In order to dominate the SERPs, you must have a solid on-page SEO plan. However, when set up properly, off-page SEO can be relatively easy to handle and will result in high-quality local results. But when done wrong, off-page SEO can be a nightmare. In this article, we will walk you through all the facets of off-page SEO to help you enhance your local SEO strategy. Along the way, we’ll also cover some of the latest trends in off-page SEO and get you on the right track!

So, what exactly is Link Building? Link Building includes the use of inbound and internal links to your website and helps you achieve high search engine rankings by improving your organic traffic. What does ‘quality’ mean? For most SEO experts, quality simply means having several quality links to your site, which are both from high-quality domain names that point back to your site (we’ll talk about those later) and from low-quality websites that don’t link to you back at all. Low-quality sites could include reciprocal link sites, spam sites, or even low-quality blogs. We’ll talk more about these in the next section.

How is Local SEO Different? While Link Building is a large part of local SEO, there are other things you can do to improve rankings in Google Maps and other local listings. In particular, you want to build link popularity to your site, as well as high rankings in Google’s local searches. These are the two things we discussed in the previous section, as well as other methods for boosting your rankings in the SERPs.

What is Google Page One Rankings? Google Page One rankings are determined by a number of things, the two main ones being how many backlinks you have and how many authority pages you have linked to you. To get your site listed higher with Google, you want to work on getting as many incoming links as possible. The most effective SEO strategies involve creating inbound links from authority pages and working on getting a good amount of inbound backlinks to your site. This is something you’ll learn more about as you work with the more advanced SEO services.

What Are Citations? Google has a special page dedicated to listing citations, which is great for getting more backlinks to your site. You can also work with local citations, which will give you more credibility with Google, as well as help you get higher rankings in Google Places.

What Does Local SEO Experts Doing? Once you’ve learned what Google looks at when it comes to ranking factors, you’ll want to work with an SEO consulting firm that offers local SEO services. If you work with an SEO consulting firm that offers both services for your business, you’ll be able to get more done for less cost and you’ll be able to grow your business faster and safer than ever before. Google understands that local businesses need to compete against larger companies that can dominate the local search rankings, and they have made it harder for smaller companies to make it in the business arena.

What Are Local SEO Link Building Strategies? The major part of a successful local SEO link building strategy is the local links that you create and build for your company. A popular strategy is to build local links by submitting your website to directory submission websites, including Yellow Pages and local directories. You can also work with your local business association to submit your website to their directory listing. Many SEO companies offer a variety of local link building strategies that will work well for your business.