What Are the 4 SEO Methods?

Local SEO is vitally important as more people turn to searching for services and products within their own geographical areas. When a consumer searches for service or product, most of them start at the nearest location. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines have data center rows that show results from the closest geographic location. If you haven’t started building links to your website, now is the time to do so! Here are 4 great Local SEO methods for increasing your Local SEO rankings:


On-page Optimization – This includes on-page elements such as your home page title, description, and Meta tags. On-page optimization should include creating internal linking components, internal linking schemes, keyword density, site maps, image tags, and Meta tags. Your on-page optimization will determine how well your site ranks for each of the various search terms you use. On-page optimization should be performed on a daily basis, not just when you submit a new page.

Social Media – One of the newest forms of SEO that has emerged over the past few years is social media marketing. Social media allows you to connect with customers and other businesses through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and several other websites. You can also post pictures, videos, and documents for others to use and distribute to their networks. You need to understand that these social media sites are viewed by billions of people around the world. Your social media optimization efforts will impact your website in ways you never thought possible.

Citation – If you use an effective Local SEO strategy you will increase your traffic volume significantly. Many consumers research information before purchasing and if your company offers an effective product or service, consumers will want to visit your website. When your site doesn’t rank well in the organic or natural listings of the major search engines, consumers won’t visit your website. Therefore, it is critical to utilize Local SEO strategies that will take care of your reputation management and make your business more visible to your intended audience.

Multiple Locations – Using Local SEO strategies that target multiple locations at the same time is a great way to optimize your business listing to the highest degree possible. If you have multiple locations, such as a website for your daycare, school, art gallery, fitness center, and restaurant, you can target multiple keywords within your business description. For example, if you own a daycare in Cincinnati, Ohio, you could target the keywords “daycare” and “cincinnati schools” in your business description. The content of your business listing will appear on the web in multiple locations throughout the Internet so you can benefit from the benefit of getting tons of exposure for each listing.

Facebook Credits – On the topic of Facebook, there are actually a ton of Facebook credits available to businesses that are properly utilized. The most important thing to do is look for Facebook credits in your Google Places business description. The more references you have to your business, the more chances of consumers getting to your location via the social media network. By having this credit available for your business, consumers will continue reading your advertisement continue reading your reviews, and will be encouraged to connect with you when they do.

White Spaces – Even though you have lots of data aggregators available, Google and other search engines still provide the best results through the use of white spaces. There are some great tools available for white space optimization, including Google Analytics, Google Site Explorer, and Google Analytics Pro, which are free. You can also access Google’s free Mobile Web Usage which will allow you to gather usage data from mobile devices, and other things around the web through Google’s white space network.

Meta Description – As you know, meta descriptions are very important because they tell the search engine what the page title will look like when the user types a search term into the search bar. This description is also the first glimpse consumers get of your website, so make sure it is attractive and professional looking. In addition, meta descriptions are where you place keywords so that the web page ranking factor ascribes a certain value to the page based on these keywords. So, make sure your meta description mentions your business name, as well as state how the keyword or key phrase should be used within your web page.