Using Social Networks To Grow Your Business


Using Social Networks To Grow Your Business

Every year, from the time of this article, the marketing landscape has evolved and changed considerably. Some years ago, only the largest marketing firms and the most effective agencies employed the use of digital marketing. Today, there are a number of marketing practices that marketers utilize in their day to day operations to expand their businesses’ reach and generate new revenue streams. The following article provides some of the latest statistics regarding digital marketing that businesses should keep track of.

One of the trends in digital marketing budgets over the past five years has been an increase in influencer marketing budgets. In essence, influencers are online personalities that allow their followers to “like” or follow them. The growing popularity of social media marketing is one of the driving forces behind these influencer marketing campaigns. As more businesses look for creative ways to connect with their customers on a more personal level, they’re also looking for ways to increase brand awareness through the personalization of their campaigns. Social media allows these companies to interact directly with their consumers in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

A clear example of a digital marketing strategy that uses influencers to amplify your brand’s presence involves the creation of a hubspot blog and recommending new content. Hubspot was launched by Todd Ditchendorf, the self-proclaimed “go to guy” in Internet marketing, and helps marketers create personalized hubs for marketing on the web. By personalizing the content provided on hubspot, you can ensure that the recommendations you make will be widely accepted by readers.

Another trend in Internet marketing that we’ve been discussing for quite some time is that of social media optimization (SMO). SMO is the process of optimizing your brand for search engine rankings through clever methods such as personalization and sharing. Google recently announced the addition of social media integration to its organic results list and has since included SMO within its algorithm updates. Now, search engine optimization experts are turning to SMO to capitalize on the opportunities it represents.

YouTube and Facebook are two of the most popular social networks on the web. The two giants have leveraged their platforms to become gateways to viral marketing innovations. By allowing viewers to easily share your videos with millions of people, you can easily achieve the viral effect many businesses dream about. While YouTube still holds the dubious distinction of being the most viral network on the web, Facebook has made great strides to enter into the competitive arena. SMO experts are turning to these two giants for digital marketing trends that will elevate your business.

Search engine optimization experts have long been leveraging Facebook and YouTube to boost website performance. Now, search engine optimization experts are turning to the two giants for digital marketing trends that will elevate your business. Digital marketing trends are moving from optimizing for keywords to optimizing for specific communities. You can now target audiences based on location, age, gender, and language. The use of location-sensitive keywords has been one of the most successful trends in SMO; creating ads that target specific communities is an essential component of this strategy for optimizing your brand.

With the rise of HubSpot, bloggers are creating amazing content, making their pages interactive, and sharing visual content with millions of people every day. Social media is exploding, and savvy bloggers are using their blogs as a platform to engage customers in an informative discussion. To take advantage of this opportunity, start tracking and analyzing your conversion rates from blog posts, and adjust your SEO strategies accordingly.

YouTube and Facebook have come together in a unique way and have recently combined with the blogging platform called WordPress. With the combined power of YouTube and Facebook, search engine optimization experts are recommending marketers create a hybrid website that includes YouTube functionality and include a Facebook page for more functionality. This allows marketers to grow their client base while engaging with a diverse audience. Businesses that embrace this strategy can expect to see dramatic increases in revenue and a higher rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.