Update Your SEO Process


Update Your SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of improving a website’s ranking in Google’s search engine. In the realm of SEO, there are several ways to improve your SEO. One of these ways is through creating content. This includes adding keyword rich articles to directories such as EzineArticles and doing press releases on relevant sites. SEO is an ever-evolving field and staying up with the latest trends will definitely help you achieve the highest SEO level possible.

In light of the recent Google algorithm update, SEO professionals across the globe are faced with the difficult task of adapting to this new set of rules. SEO is an ever changing field and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Google is notorious for changing their algorithm several times in a year. Keeping abreast of the most recent algorithm changes will require a constant state of research and tweaking of your SEO routine to remain in the top rankings on Google. The SEO community is closely divided between those who are in favor of making changes to their SEO routine and those who would rather maintain the current ranking.

SEO has three main components that must be in place if you wish to keep up with Google’s changing search volume trends. These components are Content, Google PageRank, and Search Volume. Google’s new update eliminated several factors from the equation previously. The first and foremost factor is the old concept of Google PageRank, which valued a website’s link popularity and their text content. Google eliminated the value of text-based pages and instead focused their algorithm on link popularity.

The result was, SEO became much harder, and the changes weren’t evenly distributed across multiple SEO techniques. As a result, the ranks of some sites were greatly reduced while others saw their rankings increase. This caused the market to become polarized. Those who were affected by the updates were either dissatisfied with Google’s change or didn’t understand how Google’s new algorithm updates affected SEO. This lack of understanding caused SEO companies to scramble to find a solution to the problem.

Search Engine Optimization is one area of internet marketing that was devastated by the Google July 21st update. Many SEO firms saw major drop-offs in clients after the update. However, a few SEO firms survived the Google updates and made a bounce back in the search results. It may be hard for SEO firms to survive another major update like the Google July 21st update, but with time they will regain their position in the search results. With Google’s popularity is changing so quickly, it is important for SEO firms to be adaptive when it comes to SEO strategies.

SEO is an ever-changing field of online marketing. Google’s update was a major change to SEO that affected many aspects of SEO. Google’s “punch” is actually a combination of two SEO techniques: machine learning and organic SEO. Machine learning is used to give Google a general idea of how to rank websites, while organic SEO works on increasing a website’s relevance and increasing its PageRank. The “punch” basically gives Google a framework of how to rank a website but has no affect on actual SEO.

Search Engine Optimization and the “medic update” have created a unique opportunity for SEO companies. SEO companies must adapt their strategies to meet Google’s updates. If SEO firms do not do this, they are leaving Google with even more questions about how their changes will affect their core SEO processes. If SEO firms wait for the final Google Core Update and do not incorporate the changes into their core SEO process, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to Google’s core algorithms changes. Google is still working on their fourth major update, and they have not said if they will roll out the new updates to all Google search engines or just their own search results.

If Google were to release their new updates in their core search algorithm, their algorithm will change dramatically. What this means for SEO is that if you are not ready to embrace the changes and make Google’s changes work for your business, you may find your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) changing, and your rankings dropping. Because SEO is a dynamic discipline, many SEO companies do not fully embrace the impact of these changes and miss important opportunities to increase their clientele. If you do not embrace the updates as Google does, you will find yourself left behind or your clients having to learn on their own how to use Google’s newest tools to optimize their sites.