Update on Google SEO

Many website owners were quite curious as to how Google plans to implement their latest search engine update. Many speculate if this feature might lead to increased SEO traffic for individual news websites, more SEO articles by news-oriented sites, and Google’s desire to gain control over the SEO landscape. If so, then what are the changes, how does Google plans to implement them, and is Google’s latest search engine update changing everything you thought it was? Here’s a quick overview of the Google updates and what they mean for your SEO strategy.


One of the biggest topics of discussion regarding this update has been the implementation of Google’s internal metrics system. Many SEO professionals are speculating on how Google plans to utilize this metric system to rank higher in their search engines. Google’s current ranking methodology concentrates on providing high quality relevant content to their users. This quality approach seems to be working for them so far, but how can they improve upon it by adding another dimension to their search algorithms? This Google update could have a huge impact on your SEO efforts, so it’s important to read through the article to get a better understanding of how Google plans to measure your site’s SEO effectiveness.

Google introduced internal metrics as part of their broader search engine updates. Google’s SEO team claims that these new metrics will help the webmaster understand how their websites are being ranked within Google’s own search engine. Google’s internal metrics platform is called Google Analytics, and it currently contains several different tools that you should check out. Google currently offers webmaster reports, search results visualization tools, Google charts and graphs, Google keyword research tools, Google Insights for site analysis, Google Webmaster Central for answers to all your SEO questions, and the Google Analytics Privacy Center for additional information on how Google collects information on your website.

According to Google SEO manager Eric Schmidt, who is also the CEO of Google AdWords, “These updates will enable us to give more context to our search results, which will ultimately help us bring the power of online shopping together with the power of research and analysis.” Google is looking to create more interactive and personal experiences for their users. If users don’t feel comfortable purchasing something just because they don’t feel like browsing or reading through the fine print, they will not do business with that company. Google is looking to make their searches as personal and engaging as possible. Creating an online shopping experience directly from the Google search results could provide a significant competitive advantage.

Google has not made any announcements regarding changes to their overall SEO strategy at this time. However, according to search engine analyst and competitor Mark Thompson, “I believe Google is well within its rights to include full coverage in their SEO updates.” Mark also believes that “full coverage” will only strengthen the algorithms used by Google. Google’s other initiatives, such as Google+ Local and Google+ Maps, have had mixed results. These efforts are designed to increase the engagement on websites within these areas. It remains to be seen if these efforts will have any impact on the ranking of websites outside of these specific geographies.

If Google’s current efforts do not accomplish the goals that they are set out to achieve, Google will likely take additional measures to remedy the situation. Currently, Google has no plans to announce any new updates to their algorithm. The company does, however, encourage its users to write in with suggestions regarding updates to their page load speed guidelines. In addition to offering suggestions on how to optimize their pages for speed, Google encourages webmasters to post any URL addresses that have changed since the last update.

Google SEO manager Matt Cutts states that the algorithm updates that are currently being rolled out will focus on providing greater value to Google searchers. Google wants users to find the best sites that match their personal preferences when searching for products or services. Google is also trying to reduce the amount of manual search engine optimization work, which has been blamed for many ranking mistakes.

The update will also focus on making it easier for users to find the top stories from the leading media outlets. SEO experts speculate that this might result in increased link building and social sharing. Google is constantly making changes to improve its core functions and one of its most popular tools is the SEO tool called Google SEO Amplifier. Google SEO Amplifier is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that increases the volume of relevant sites in the SERPs. SEO professionals agree that with an updated algorithm and added tools, Google is definitely working towards providing greater value to their users.