Trends in Digital Marketing News

We all love to hear about the latest statistics and market updates. But as much as you love to hear about them, statistics and updates can be tough to digest sometimes. Statistics mean nothing unless they are put into practice and proven. Statistics alone can’t tell you about an important aspect of your business without proper research and understanding. If you need help deciphering the best statistics for your business, read on.

Digital Marketing News has released its “Spark” infographic which analyzes the hottest trends in today’s digital marketing. These digital marketing statistics are split across seven segments, both in the graphic above and in the comprehensive list that follow it. However, as with most modern marketers, whether your campaign plan includes multiple platforms or not, this segment should help you keep track of your progress over time. The trend reports provided by this section should give you ideas as to how you can improve on certain areas.

In the first segment, marketers will definitely want to read about the “Billion Dollar Rollout.” This project, called the “BIANZ Scholarship Fund,” is a joint venture effort of P&G, Disney and Neiman Marcus to fund a college education for teenagers who intend to pursue a degree online. The project will use a marketing budget of nearly $1 billion to promote college courses and get colleges to launch new enrollment during the course of the next decade. The goal of the Billion Dollar Rollout is to raise awareness among teenagers about the importance of higher education, increase in digital sales and make college affordable for every student in America.

The second most popular segment is titled “Social Media Activity.” Digital Marketing News looked at how the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are impacting the marketing strategies of marketers. It also looked at how social media platform use can affect the pay per click and cost per view rates of a campaign. The report looked into whether companies’ use of social media platforms such as Facebook is impacting their ROI and the factors that affect that impact.

The third area that the Digital Marketing News segment looked at was what consumers prefer when searching for products and services. This was determined through a series of online reviews that were submitted by consumers. The review was then subjected to a series of focus questions. These questions posed to the consumer will ultimately serve as the basis for the advertiser’s marketing strategy. The review, and the resulting online reviews, will become the backbone for P&G’s and other advertisers’ ability to identify gaps in their strategies that will eventually be plugged.

Organic search traffic continues to be a strong focus of both P&G’s and other big names in the industry. They recognized that search engine optimization trends will continue to change, with consumers preferring increased engagement with content over a quick look or click. Brands need to stay ahead of the trends to ensure that their online marketing campaigns are not left behind. Digital Marketing News looked at the importance of incorporating SEO trends into P&G’s marketing strategy.

Finally, marketers are focusing on the importance of content marketing in their campaigns. Content marketing is all about creating new and engaging content that engages consumers. Digital Marketing News noted that this is one area that many brands are failing to capitalize on. Many brands are using traditional offline and online forms of advertising, but the trend in recent years has been an expansion into social media marketing. Consumers are now gathering information about a brand in its social media outlets just as they would traditional forms, but this means that marketers must work even harder to engage consumers through content marketing.

Marketers and advertisers alike must do what they can to keep up with the ever changing search industry trends. Search results are constantly being tweaked and analyzed to ensure relevance. Additionally, the competition between brands for top rankings in search engines has become more difficult due to the fact that there are hundreds of smaller players in the game. Digital Marketing News suggested that this has caused the current focus on conversion rates to become more important than ever before. The reason that conversion rates are so important to a brand is because they tell advertisers how well a business is doing compared to other similar companies, allowing them to accurately set their advertising costs.