Tracking Your Digital Marketing News

Digital Marketing News

Tracking Your Digital Marketing News

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing is the integration of big brand campaigns into smaller, bite-sized micro-marketing programs. It’s no wonder that digital marketing stats are showing a steady climb as a viable option for all kinds of marketers. While some have made their bones in advertising on television, radio, and the print media, others are creating a name for themselves with the advent of social media. These social media statistics are split across seven segments, both in an infographic to the list below and in the graphic below it, helping you better zero in on the main marketing source of interest to you. If your program involves a number of channels, this list should help you update accordingly on your various notes.

One of the first stats to come to mind when it comes to digital channels is the percentage of people who are saying they consume their media via mobile devices vs. those who check it via PC/laptop. While the gap is narrowing, it’s important to note that this stat does not encompass all types of digital channels. There are still plenty of other research tools you can use to get this information, and you’ll probably come across plenty that don’t include mobile browser usage. In the meantime, consider the information below to spark up conversation around new ways to reach your audience and improve your business.

The second most common statuses available on these research sites are those focusing on pay per click and SEO/SEM techniques. In terms of the former, it’s not a surprise that many marketers are looking at ways to take advantage of AdWords’s long-tail keyword search strategy. Other statuses offer advice on how to get started with PPC, or the “pay per click” experience, which is generally a good start for those planning to make an effort to make money off AdWords. SEO is a big topic, and one that requires its own set of research and knowledge before it becomes something that’s considered “trendy.” However, the knowledge offered by various sites can help you understand what’s happening in the world of Search Engine Optimization, and you can implement those findings into your own campaigns.

A third popular statuses is one focusing on the rising popularity of social media. Sites like Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Twitter have taken the place of traditional media and established new audiences dedicated to sharing user-generated content. Just as AdWords has its own tools, so does Facebook, and the two companies have begun offering advertising packages tailored to the social media channel. If you want to get into the social media game, look into these statuses to find out what you need to know.

The final category we’re going to discuss is the ones covering mergers and acquisitions. Digital channels used to be integrated seamlessly into marketing plans. Today, however, many organizations are looking to cut costs and streamline operations. These companies are interested in using the same tools and content for their marketing that they have always used, but are looking to cut back on their budget in other areas. Digital marketing news is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and potential clients while optimizing your budget.

A final example of the type of statuses you can expect to find are discussions about online video. Video has taken the web by storm, and entrepreneurs are watching their budgets shrink because of it. As video content continues to grow in popularity, it’s become more important for companies to find ways to create content that can go viral and draw in users who are interested in what you have to say. Many digital channels now offer tools for creating video ads that go right to YouTube, but some are moving beyond that. Companies who aren’t on social media may find it important to follow the discussion on these sites and get their message in front of the right people. Tracking your analytics can let you know which videos are drawing in viewers and which aren’t doing so well.

There are also many websites that you might not have considered when discussing digital media trends. Some of these include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These sites have exploded in popularity over the past year and they are now considered to be among the most widely used websites in the world. Digital marketers spend hours of time every day tweeting about their products, getting their followers to sign up on their lists, and building relationships with their targeted audience.

The importance of keeping up with digital marketing news can’t be stressed enough. These trends are very dynamic and as a marketer you need to stay on top of them in order to make the most of the opportunities available. The information presented here can help you to do that. Tracking your digital marketing metrics is important and by tracking your statistics regularly you can take advantage of the latest trends.