Top Ways To Increase Residual Talent At Work

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Top Ways To Increase Residual Talent At Work

When you talk to the human resources department of an organization, they will invariably tell you that they want to increase retention and provide value for the organization. They will spend time describing the benefits that they believe these two things can bring to the organization. They will also spend time talking about how they evaluate the work practices of their employees as well as talk about training to foster better work habits. What few people are aware of is that human resources departments actually conduct surveys on employee satisfaction in order to get a better understanding of what their workers think about their job.

Customer Retention Strategy. A customer retention strategy is basically a plan that companies develop and implement to decrease employee turnover, avoid attrition, increase retention, foster customer engagement, and provide value to their customers. The best strategy should be one that addresses the problems that most employees experience in their day-to-day operations while still providing them with opportunities to do their job well. This is why focus groups are so helpful to companies who want to know what their customers think of their business.

New Customers. One of the most important things to any company is new customers. In fact, research has shown that retention rates are higher among new customers than among established customers. New customers offer employees an opportunity to gain new knowledge about your products or services, gain new insights about how customers feel about your brand, and have the potential to help boost sales. As a result, many companies turn to customer satisfaction surveys to learn what new customers want from their businesses. They then develop marketing campaigns to increase retention.

Honest Feedback. Human resources professionals acknowledge that feedback is a powerful driver of change. Thus, they encourage their employees to provide honest feedback when they are happy, dissatisfied, bored, tired, or frustrated. Through employee feedback, employees can learn what their co-workers find annoying or unpleasant. Such feedback can help shape and grow internal employee communication channels and improve retention.

Cancelled Customers. When a company doesn’t keep its promise to retain a customer, it has a much greater chance of losing that customer to another competitor. The threat of losing a customer, coupled with that company’s track record of following through on commitments, often makes a customer feel less likely to give that company another chance. To prevent this type of churned customers, companies develop great marketing strategies to attract and keep their most promising customers. In addition, companies also work hard to ensure that cancellations occur only by authorized staff members to prevent customers from feeling like they have been unfairly dismissed.

A Strong Marketing Campaign. A strong, consistent marketing campaign is essential for any business that wants to increase retention. A marketing campaign should not only be designed to engage potential customers; it should also reach out to current customers to ensure that they continue to provide their trust of your brand. The design and style of a marketing campaign are important as well. A consistent marketing campaign should include various media including print, television, and Internet in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Giving Employees Quality Care and Feedback. One way to increase retention is to provide your employees with opportunities to provide feedback on your products or services. Through a series of surveys or an employee feedback questionnaire, you can ask your employees what aspects of your business are offering satisfaction to your customers. By giving employees high-quality care and attention, they will likely stay with your company longer and be willing to provide you with honest feedback that will allow you to make necessary changes that will benefit your business.

Employee Loyalty Programs. Companies looking to increase retention should offer incentive programs for retention. Incentive programs that provide employee recognition, career advancement incentives, or other opportunities to build loyalty are one of the best ways to retain exemplary employees. Employees that know they are making a difference in their organization are likely to provide great customer service. When these employees build loyalty with the organization, they are more likely to return to your company in the future and provide a valuable service to your customers.