Top Tips For Twitter Marketing That Work

If you have an established social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms then you will know how difficult it can be to increase followers. It is so easy to get blocked, retweeted or added to a hundred other lists that before you know it, hundreds of offers, spam and people trying to sell you something. You need to take steps to increase engagement and ensure your brand is seen. Today, digital marketing is the wave of the future when it comes to engaging with customers and building a following. This article will discuss three effective ways you can use digital marketing to increase followers for your business.

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If you are not using social media platforms to connect with customers or prospects, then you are missing out on one of the most important ways to market your brand online today. Social media has become more than just a waste of time; it is a vital part of any successful campaign and the one place where you should not ignore if you want to grow your business. The main benefit of using social media to grow your following is that it allows you to add people who have previously shown an interest in what you offer. The best way to get more followers on Twitter is to ensure your profile is interesting and you engage with the content of your posts.

Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform around today and accounts for over 62% of total daily active users. As a result, it is essential that businesses interact with their customers and prospects on this platform, attracting attention to brand messages and engaging with them. The challenge with Facebook is that it is difficult to build credible relationships and engages with prospects because of its superficial nature. Digital marketing experts have developed clever strategies to increase followers and engage with customers on Facebook. Below are three digital marketing tips to help you increase followers on Facebook.

Engage with others: It does not matter whether you are trying to promote a brand or promote yourself, but having an engaging personality will always get people to follow you. Facebook allows people to comment on other profiles so there are also opportunities to comment on others’ posts and get unique style and tone of interaction from your followers. As such, it is essential to start an interactive dialogue with your followers to promote your products, services and your brand. You may also want to start an interactive conversation on Twitter to engage with potential customers.

Use captions: Social media sites are all about visual representation and a well-crafted caption has the ability to make followers care about your brand. Whether it is through a caption about your product or a promotional image, your followers will appreciate captions that accurately represent your brand and give an insight into how your products or services can benefit them. A captions also gives readers a chance to engage with you visually as well as understanding more about the value that they can get from following you on Twitter.

Work with Google Keywords: With over 411 million searches being performed on Google every month, it is a great way to increase followers and bring in more revenue for your business. However, using Google Keywords should be combined with other strategies to boost your marketing strategy. As mentioned above, using keywords as part of your social media marketing strategy will give you more chances to reach out to your audience. In addition, creating and using captions is a great way to engage your followers and gain more exposure for your business.

Have fun: Twitter marketing is about more than 140 characters. So, when you are using Twitter, remember to keep your tone light and playful. This will not only help you gain new followers but also keep the interest of those who follow you. In fact, following accounts that have followers who are constantly complaining or posting sales messages just lose the purpose of what they are trying to do. Followers who have a great sense of humor are more likely to engage with you and will be a great way to increase followers.

Branding: Branding is important for anyone who wants to succeed in online marketing. But, this is even more important for small businesses. If you are a small business, then it’s very unlikely that people will recognize your brand. The best way to do this is to use CTAs. CTAs give your followers a feel of connection to your brand and helps increase followers and engagement.