Top SEO Tools For the New Millennium


Top SEO Tools For the New Millennium

Getting into Google News is no longer a task. Getting into Google News used to be a very difficult task. In the past, Google usually required web publishers to apply for the service first before they could get through a thorough vetting procedure. Now, if you were fortunate, your website would just be accepted, and then you could immediately begin to work on your all-important SEO.

One of the latest Google updates, which can benefit your SEO, is the inclusion of a new keyword tool in Google Webmaster Tools. No longer are webmasters required to guess at what a keyword might mean. The Google Keyword Tool now provides a rich list of synonyms for any given search term. As a result, the work involved in SEO is made a lot easier, because you have more keywords to work with. The other nice thing about the Google Keyword Tool is that it also shows the exact amount of competition for any given keyword, so you can always make an informed decision.

If you have not seen the new feature in action yet, do not wait any longer! Head over to Google Webmaster Tools, find your blog or website, and search for your main keyword. You will be presented with a list of related searches (which should be a couple of categories deep). Click on each link to view a full-fledged breakdown of the SEO effort involved, from the title to the domain name, to page rank.

In the previous Google updates, the SEO team at Google did not always share the information they discovered along the way. In fact check Structured Data to view the actual data. In this version, the SEO Team provides structured data and explanations of their findings. In a nutshell: SEO is now sharing!

Moving forward, if you do not wish to just skim news and information on Google, head over to Google News. This is a fantastic new addition, which makes it easier than ever before to stay up to date with breaking news, trends, and updates. You can see everything that is being discussed in the core web vitals section of Google News. In fact, the News publishers update their news regularly, and you can keep track of all of this simply by checking Google News. If you are not a news publisher, Google News can be used as a general resource for tracking any SEO activity you would like to focus on.

Moving away from Google News, let us look at a new application that I have been working with for the past few months: Google Trends. With this application, you can access the most current information available on the top stories and topics of interest for any given search term. What’s especially neat is that you can run this application while you are logged into your Google account. No one needs to know that you are utilizing this application behind the scenes, but you can take advantage of its amazing capabilities once you are out in the public eye.

In order to keep yourself up to date on the most talked-about topics in your industry, make sure to check out the SEO Community. Not only does the SEO Community provide up-to-date news websites, but they also host a very active (and valuable!) forum.

As previously mentioned, keeping up to date on any and all news regarding SEO should be a daily habit. You cannot effectively compete in today’s market without knowledge of the latest SEO trends and techniques. Therefore, subscribe to the relevant RSS feeds, follow the leading SEO blogs, and pay close attention to the SEO community for the latest information. If you think that these three tools will help you achieve great SEO results in the coming years, think again! But if you can commit to these three daily habits, you can look forward to a new, powerful career in the SEO world.