Top Five Digital Marketing News You Should Read Up On

Digital Marketing News from Digital Marketing Analytics for 2021 shows that many digital marketers are still stuck in their ways with their social media marketing plans, email marketing strategies, content marketing strategies and getting traffic to their websites. In this article we are going to offer you five new insights into digital marketing that will inspire, motivate and inform you about the digital marketing strategies that you need to adapt to get the job done today. We have created a graphic from the data in Digital Marketing News to serve as a guide to the digital marketing insights that you can implement to increase traffic, brand recognition, online revenue and customer loyalty. This information will serve as a call to action for you to put your business goals in place and make sure you create the necessary strategic alliances, systems and measures to achieve those goals.

Digital Marketing News

One of the best trends to watch out for is the introduction of podcasts and live streaming videos. In our digital marketing news from September we noted that Google is launching new tools that will allow businesses to streamline how they deliver content through their websites, blogs and search engines. Google has introduced an advertising service called Googlecast, which is similar to YouTube but more robust. YouTube currently holds over one billion visitors, but only a fraction of those are active viewers who actively subscribe to YouTube channels. Googlecast aims to make live streaming video easier for businesses to manage.

As part of digital marketing news from September it was reported that Microsoft is adding Bing’s search functionality to its Bing Mobile website. With this addition businesses will be able to search for users near their location by mapping their current location on Bing. When users search for their location, Bing will show them a list of local businesses along with their Google Maps page. When users click on a business that they find through the search results they will be able to learn more information about the business such as hours of operation, contact information, directions and photos. This new feature will not be available with all versions of Microsoft’s Bing mobile platform at launch, so if you have been considering using the Bing Mobile website to promote your business this update is definitely worth checking out.

Another digital marketing news from September that deserves a mention is the introduction of free product listings. Google has introduced a new feature that will allow marketers to post free product listings directly to Google Places. These product listings will show up in Google’s search results where customers can view and buy the products being offered. The free product listings that can be found on Google Places will be available to all versions of Google’s mobile platform at launch. If you haven’t started marketing your free products on Google, you really should get your act together, because this new feature could take your business by storm.

Another important digital marketing news from September that many people overlook is the introduction of Google ads. Google’s new ad program is called AdSense and it’s a great way for online marketers to make extra money. By having advertisers place ads on your website you’ll earn a portion of each sale that occurs through that site. The great thing about these ads is that they’re right there on your site, in front of the customer, making it easier for you to generate sales. In the past, online marketers would have to create ad campaigns around various search terms in order to generate any revenue from their advertisements. With Google AdSense you’ll be able to display any ad that’s related to your content, which will greatly reduce the time it takes you to generate new ad campaigns.

The third important digital marketing news that’s worth a read is the news about pandemic influenza and how the disease is spreading. One day after the deadly outbreak of the 2021 pandemic virus in China, it was reported that a new outbreak had emerged in Mexico. As you may expect, pandemic influenza is one of the most serious problems in the medical world and Mexico is facing a tough fight against it. The pandemic flu could kill tens of thousands of people in Mexico and all of the resources that are available have been put to the test as authorities try to contain the outbreak.

The fourth digital marketing news that you should read up on is the announcement by YouTube that they’re changing their video content format. At first this may seem like a minor change, but it actually has some big implications for both marketers and viewers. Previously when a video appeared on YouTube it would be embedded within the website, meaning that every visitor to YouTube who watched the video also went to the marketer’s site. However, YouTube is now introducing a new format where videos are embedded into the page only when someone watches them. This change means that if someone doesn’t want to watch the video they simply won’t and instead will go to the bottom of the page where there’s an unobtrusive notification stating that there was something interesting to see.

Finally, the fifth-biggest digital marketing news we have to tell you about today is the introduction of three new conversion goal options by Google. These are referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Network Advertising and Display Advertising. Basically what this means is that you can now set a minimum amount you’re willing to pay for each ad click, as well as a maximum amount for each display advertisement. This new feature is called the ad groupings function and you can find more information on it at the end of this article.