Top 8 Martech Stories For the Week of April 7, 2021

Digital Marketing News

Top 8 Martech Stories For the Week of April 7, 2021

The subject of digital marketing news is filled with discussions about the best ways to dominate the search engine rankings. The stats offered by Google, Yahoo, and Bing are eye-opening to marketers and business owners who want to see what they can do to improve their results. If you are interested in learning what these firms have to offer, you can look up their latest updates in the Digital Marketing News section on their main sites. However, it’s a good idea to do your own digging as well to get some fresh statistics for your online campaigns.

As many marketers have found out, social media is an essential part of the strategy when it comes to increasing company sales. Digital Marketing News provides a great way to stay informed about what the big players are doing in this area of the industry. In particular, the section compares how much smaller companies have enjoyed great success due to their use of social media. The statistics can be quite surprising, especially when you consider that many of the social media sites were not even created as a direct marketing strategy.

Many digital marketers are aware of Bing’s search engine results, but few realize that the search giant has other programs as well. For example, they have a blog section that is not visible to everyone. Searching for a specific phrase will pull up news from all the major Bing blogs around the globe. Searching for a more general topic will return blogs from all the Bing blogs around the world. Digital Marketing News takes this one step further by delivering breaking news from each of the digital marketers that are featured on the Bing blog. This makes it easy for readers to see the posts that interest them, which helps them determine which digital marketers they should follow.

For digital marketers who are interested in breaking into digital marketing news, DMAIC is the best place to start. It is run by Microsoft and contains blogs that are aimed at making the business of adtech much easier. DMAIC is also very active in keeping the members informed about new programs that are coming out by the various tech companies. The site includes helpful articles, videos, and podcasts that give newbie’s ideas on how to create successful ads, along with information on what types of ads are most effective.

One of the largest social networks on the web, Facebook is always a popular place to find digital marketing news. The site continues to grow each day, and features over 500 million daily active users. While many people still consider Facebook strictly a place for college kids to hang out, others use the site for a variety of different reasons. The site allows users to share stories and pictures, as well as connecting friends with friends. One of the newest features being introduced is the ability for users to post applications for the company’s Facebook apps.

YouTube is another huge source of digital marketing news, because it is not only a video sharing site, but also a hub of information. People can upload their own videos for others to view and can vote on content that they like or dislike. With millions of users logging on to YouTube each day, there is usually something happening somewhere on the site. Whether it is a new Trend, a funny clip, or an informative video, you are sure to see it popping up somewhere on the web.

The last major social network available on the web, Twitter, is starting to make a real comeback as a source of digital marketing news. It is true that it does not feature as many applications as saying, Facebook or YouTube, but the number of people logging on to the site every day is still considerable. The site features a number of applications developers have created specifically for the business community. These are applications that give companies a way to better manage their online presence, along with promoting their content through tweets. A good example of this would be the “Share This” application which allows users to share special products, videos, or other content related to their business.

If you are a marketer or even a business owner who wants to get in on the action, make sure to keep yourself abreast with the latest in digital marketing news. There is so much happening on the Internet, you just have to keep your eyes peeled to get the information that makes the difference in your marketing campaigns. Remember, it does not matter if you are working with local, national or international clients. Getting in on the ground floor is what will get you ahead.