Top 8 Best Digital Out-of-Home Ideas

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Top 8 Best Digital Out-of-Home Ideas

As one of the leading advertising agencies in Australia and an evolving creative marketing medium for businesses throughout the country, we at DMP Digital rely on our clients’ feedback to constantly drive our strategies and evolve with the times to deliver the most relevant and effective campaigns. Our client’s feedback is an invaluable source for understanding market attitudes, trends and consumer behaviour. This information is also used to inform and develop new ideas, as well as helping to fine tune our campaigns for maximum impact. Here are our latest digital marketing statistics for the year, compiled from feedback from our latest clients…

We all love receiving digital marketing news feeds on a regular basis – if not daily, then at least weekly. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of your competition or simply keep abreast of industry developments to ensure you’re always marketing to your ideal customers. However, did you know that, unlike print media, RSS feeds are not allowed to contain affiliate links? While this rule might seem somewhat strange, it actually serves a number of important purposes. For example, news feeds can often include links from industry-related blogs, websites and social media accounts which would otherwise not be considered suitable, or even visible, by search engines.

Our most recent research into Australia’s internet users revealed that nearly half of all internet users get their online information from web sites associated with major corporations. This alarming statistic prompted us to undertake a full analysis of our most popular social networking outlets to compile our own top 8 millionaire mottos. Our research showed that more than 90% of web surfers are exposed to corporate links through links within articles, press releases, and advertisements. With this information, it was clear that we needed to do something to counter this trend, and Digital Marketing News was born! We decided to compile a list of our favourite top 8 millionaire mantras, as well as a brief description of each one, to help marketers looking for inspiration to succeed in their business ventures.

“The first rule of business is to never tell your ideal customers everything.” While it’s perfectly acceptable to include links, information or even promotional videos within your marketing material, you must refrain from revealing everything to every person you meet, particularly those that don’t represent your target audience. In addition, it’s vital to select the words and phrases you use carefully, so as not to appear biased. For example, a blog post could contain links to your own products and services or could describe some other aspect of your business. A PR news feed can provide links to industry news outlets, but using the word “news” might not be appropriate, whereas “innovation” or “patience” might be more apt.

“Don’t assume that because a client is friends with a friend, they’ll be fans.” Your clients will likely come across your personal brand in various ways, including through social media outlets. If you discuss your business on social media, ensure that you keep your social media posts professional, concise, and relevant to the subject matter at hand. If you don’t follow this advice, you may find that some of your friends are posting messages about your new product in an attempt to sway their followers to purchase it!

It’s best to only share information that is related to your industry or your company, and avoid using the likes of social media to spread targeted information to potential customers. One great way to ensure that all of your marketing material is truly useful to your ideal customers is to ensure that your company news feeds include only the most relevant content. Your ideal customers want to feel important, and if you share helpful, quality content, you’re likely to have them return to your site time again.

The top 8 best digital out-of-home ideas for promoting a business in Australia can be distilled into a few key points: use a call to action, provide value, offer the reader something of real benefit, provide a solution, show the reader that you are an expert, and most importantly, demonstrate that you care. The call to action is pretty self explanatory; your call to action needs to draw the reader towards your site so that they can learn more. Provide the solution to a problem that your audience is facing, and show how your solutions can help them achieve more. Lastly, demonstrate that you care about your audience by providing the content that they’re looking for.

The best way to promote your digital marketing business and achieve real results is to focus on acquiring highly targeted leads. A large number of marketers have failed to achieve success solely due to poor lead generation techniques. Digital marketing experts Dr. Mike Dillard and Jake Greene create and host the popular podcast Clickbank Academy where they discuss the ins and outs of generating quality leads. Other digital marketing leaders such as Matt Cutts and Jeremy Kelsall also discuss aspects of effective lead generation in their web 2.0 properties related to Social Marketing University.