Top 3 Trends From the World of Digital Marketing

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Top 3 Trends From the World of Digital Marketing

If you’re interested in getting your foot in digitally and establishing a solid online presence for your business, then it pays to keep up with digital marketing news. In today’s society, consumers are increasingly choosing to go “viral” when it comes to shopping, purchases, and recommendations. To take advantage of this viral trend, companies need to come up with more creative ways to reach out to their customers, and something that helps them reach their goals faster than conventional advertising methods. One of the most popular viral marketing strategies is blogging. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to reach out to hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of potential customers at the same time. Here are some statistics from last year’s statistics about this growing trend:

Digital Marketing News revealed some interesting facts about this trend in marketing. According to Digital Marketing News, there will be a whopping eight billion people who have access to Internet services by the end of 2021. These numbers are based on a projection of where the largest chunk of the global population will be logging on to the World Wide Web. This means that there is plenty of room for companies to make a splash in a market that may be oversaturated. Also, these figures do not include those who are on the social networks, as well as those who engage in instant messaging or browsing the web.

One of the biggest trends in marketing statistics is the surge in content creation and distribution. While some marketers still want to stick to traditional forms of advertisement like television, radio, and print advertisements, there is an ever increasing trend of marketing their product or service via the internet. Some of the statistics provided by Digital Marketing News show that there has been a forty percent increase in internet advertisements. This represents a huge market that is ripe for the taking, especially since there is a lack of regulations governing the content that is broadcasted over the internet. It also represents a way for marketers to stay ahead of the curve and create content that consumers find helpful.

Another trend is the rise of content marketing through social media. Content marketing through social media marketing and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has skyrocketed in popularity over the past twelve months, creating new avenues for marketers to capitalize on their businesses. The surge in online media outlets means that there are even more opportunities for marketers to showcase their products and services. Digital Marketing News forecasts that there will be six billion more page views on these social media outlets by the end of 2021. This represents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to get their message out there in front of a massive number of potential buyers.

One of the most popular trends is the continued use of Facebook ads to promote businesses. In fact, Digital Marketing News reports that this form of advertising accounts for almost thirty-two percent of all marketing dollars spent on the World Wide Web. Digital Marketing News reports that the amount of traffic that is generated from Facebook ads has quadrupled since last year and continues to grow. This means that if marketers continue to invest in their campaigns, they will continue to see large profits. Although the cost per click has gone up for some companies, many marketers are able to offset this by choosing more targeted keywords or advertising with text links.

Another one of the top trends in marketing is the growth of what is known as snapchat. Snapchat is a messaging application that allows users to share short videos and photos with other users within a very small, private area. Digital Marketing News notes that in September, there were over six hundred million daily active users of snapchat, and that the application has a forty-six percent engagement rate. While many people use snapchat to send images or simple messages, some have begun to use it to do business deals on the platform. Marketers who want to tap into this market should take advantage of what Digital Marketing News refers to as “snapchats,” which are a unique opportunity to advertise business deals using only a single platform.

Videos are another one of the top digital marketing trends, and this has had the greatest impact on search results. Video advertisements have been shown in search results for some time, but in September, the number of online videos that showed up in search results was reported at fifty-three percent. This means that more individuals are watching video ads, and marketers are taking advantage of this. In order to take advantage of video ads, marketers need to have access to video-editing software, such as Google’s ad-sense. By creating customized video ads with the software, marketers will be able to target their advertising based on users’ interests. Digital Marketing News notes that there are two different types of video ads, which include full-length and shorter commercials.

An infographic is another one of the top digital marketing trends, and this has become especially popular with the release of the Harry Potter series. A successful infographic uses several points to draw attention to an issue, create a conversation, or even encourage for action. The use of an infographic is not just limited to infographics, but can also apply to photos, podcasts, and videos. These forms of media are great ways for businesses to draw attention to their website or their product. By creating an engaging infographic, a marketer can promote their business in an engaging way.