Top 12 Ways to Increase Online Sales and Loyalty

Consumers in the US spend more time online than any other time in history. So, companies are competing for the consumer’s attention more than ever. It is important that these companies stand out from the crowd and appeal to the consumer’s intelligence. To increase online sales, a company must create a unique experience for the consumer. A smart company uses reviews from consumers, geo-targeted ads, & offers new products to increase consumer loyalty & build brands.

Increase Online Sales

Here are 20 actionable ideas for breweries, wineries & distilleries to increase their online presence and drive consumer loyalty. What your consumer wants? What your competition has to offer? What difference can you offer? TIP: The more reviews you get on your brand, the more your customer loyalty will grow.

If you want an easy way to get customers to use reviews of your product to increase online sales, let them use it on social media. Brands like Yelp, Google+ Local and Klout are all great ways to get reviews from real people. Write great review articles about your product or service and share them on the social media sites. Make sure the review is honest, brief, and includes all of the information that consumers need to know.

Customers love to be entertained so using Klout to manage their voice search also makes them love you. Klout is a powerful marketing platform that allows customers to interact with a company at any given moment. You can create an event page where customers can “rate” your business and tell their story. Customers can be engaged with conversations about their experience with you, recommendations for products and services and much more. A simple way to connect your brand to real customers through a simple, social media platform.

Using reviews from review sites like Klout is also a great way to get potential customers hooked. People love reviews and using reviews from other people that have used your product or have otherwise had experience with your product can be a great way to build trust and loyalty. The more reviews you have the more potential customers are exposed to your voice. With each review you create you also open up another venue for potential customers to connect with you and your voice.

Another great way to increase online sales is to engage your audience on Facebook. Facebook currently holds over 55% of the global internet audience. Not only do you not have to worry about spam, you also have the chance to create some powerful viral marketing. When creating posts make them useful and engaging to your audience. Showing your consumers real life experiences is another way to increase consumer loyalty.

Experiences that consumers can relate to, such as weddings, babies and major events are great ways to engage with your customers and increase online sales. Consumers will connect with you if they feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. If you build your brand around a story or personal experience that you have had, you can create an audience that will connect with you on a deep level. Showing real life experiences is one of the fastest growing trends in social marketing and advertising. It is important for brands to utilize this medium to grow their customer base.

There are many more ways to increase online sales and consumer loyalty. One of the biggest trends across the globe is geo-targeting advertising. Geo-targeting ads are reaching new audiences every day and providing brands with a highly effective way to reach new markets. The power of geo-targeting ads is changing the way brands market and help them connect to consumers on a deeper level. The top twelve ways to increase online sales and consumer loyalty are: