Tips To Increase Online Sales

One of the most powerful ways to increase your online business ROI is to follow up with customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other channel that allow you to engage with potential new customers. We have found that following up on leads via social media gives better results than traditional lead generation methods such as cold calling or prospecting. Following up on leads via social media is a lot easier because:

a. It is highly unlikely that your prospects will ever share their negative experience with anyone. We see plenty of examples of people sharing their negative experiences on blogs, but rarely do we see a “teary story” shared casually. Social media provides an opportunity for you to engage directly with customers. Give sincere and honest feedback on product reviews, create testimonials on your own website or provide links to high quality articles about your industry and social media marketing.

b. If you offer free shipping, your prospects will want to take advantage of it. One of the keys to increasing your online sales is providing a product that people need but cannot buy in retail stores. An example of this product would be an ebook or video series that teaches readers how to grow a garden using simple tools. By offering free shipping when they order, you will increase customer loyalty and engagement and thus increase online sales and ROI.

c. You can follow up on leads using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels. In addition to following up on leads through social media, you can also: provide more detail about the products and services that you offer by including a link to your website; integrate PayPal, Google Checkout and other payment options into your checkout page; include a photo of the Ideal Buyer Personas image at the bottom of each checkout page; and, build brand recognition through social proof. This includes posting positive reviews on review sites like Yelp. Review sites are a great way to build credibility and brand identification. Finally, offer incentives for referrals such as a free product or gift if the referral buys from you.

d. Social media is not just for gaining a large following on Facebook or Twitter. It is also important to continually engage with current customers and potential customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels. Encourage honest feedback from customers; offer them a way to leave feedback and a way to reach you. These engagement tactics will increase the chances of building a trusting relationship and conversion to customer.

e. Be clear and upfront about the purpose of your sales page. Be honest about offering a solution or a freebie to increase sales. Include a call to action phrases that direct the customer to buy now. If you are using a blog to promote your business, be sure to update it from time to time. Include new blog topics and content at regular intervals. This gives the customer an ongoing reason to come back to see what new information is available.