The Power of Voice Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the core foundation of any online business. Without it, you will never rank for certain search terms which will bring you organic traffic to your site. But having some research and elbow grease can help you to reap heaps of visitors from popular search engines which convert to loyal customers. However, the trick to a successful SEO strategy is understanding the nuances of SEO and learning how to identify the right time to execute the right strategy.

If SEO was one great big umbrella term, then we would have been able to say that it makes the whole thing very transparent. The challenge is that there are many components to SEO. These components depend on the search engine which you are optimizing for and the kind of campaign which you want to run. Let us have a brief discussion on each of them:

Search engine ranking or SERPs – SEO will give you rankings based on the visibility and authority of your site on the search engines. This is where relevancy, competition and backlinks come into play. This will also tell the marketers exactly where they should be focusing their SEO efforts.

Social media marketing – This involves optimizing your social profiles on popular networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You may also include a blog in your SEO portfolio. It is vital to have a solid SEO plan to reach out to the most people to drive organic traffic to your site. Note that the organic traffic does not necessarily mean visitors but people who are actually following your feed or following you on twitter. The number of these visitors will tell the marketer if its enough to drive them to your websites.

High Quality Content SEO or written content is always the best way to establish yourself on the internet. Note that search results will give different rankings to the sites depending on the quality of content. Good quality content always ranks well for SEO. To make sure that you create great quality content, do an analysis of what keyword rich words your competitors are using. You can use software like Wordtracker or Google AdWords Keyword Analyzer to find out which keywords your competitors are targeting.

Long SEO Takes SEO will take time but it has long term impact to the rankings. Note that it takes some time before changes will take place in algorithms so you need to stick to what works and avoid changing it too often. As mentioned above, Google tends to rank high on sites with long SEO histories. There are two things to remember in this case: firstly, the SEO strategy which has worked well for your competitors will most probably not work for you so you need to have a plan in place before investing time and SEO money into it; and secondly, the time required to build the links will be more than what is required for high-quality links from other websites.

Local SEO is a special case which is different in many ways. You will have to promote your local SEO efforts differently than you would other methods. For example, there are no links provided by Google and you will most likely have to do the SEO work yourself in order to see results. So, if you use local seo strategies intelligently, you will see results over a longer period of time than with high-quality international or even regional SEO techniques.

Voice Search, Article Marketing SEO, Video Optimizing, Blog Optimizing, Press Releases SEO, Social Media Coaching, and List Building all fall under the umbrella of Live SEO. What makes a technique Live SEO? It is something like optimizing for “voice search” – keywords which can be searched for and used live by the people who are searching for them. This means that you need to stay ahead of trends and you need to create something like a press release SEO campaign in order to rank as highly as possible in the long term.