The Importance of an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is usual routine process for any website owner. In fact, even if you’re serious about your online business, you’ll certainly make it a point to perform an SEO audit from time to time. A properly conducted SEO audit ought to provide you with a clearer insight into the site, individual web pages and overall online traffic. In order to benefit from this, it’s important to choose a reliable provider of search engine optimization reports. There are quite a few SEO firms that have begun to offer these types of reports, which means that there’s no need to work hard to find one. You can easily get the information you require in just a matter of minutes.

SEO Audit

An SEO firm will usually start by conducting an on-page audit. In general, this involves determining not only how many new page visits per day, but also page views per hour and per minute. Keyword research will be studied as well as competitor analysis. By performing all of these keyword research steps, an on-page audit can provide you with crucial information that can help you improve your web presence.

After keyword research, the next step to take is competitor optimization research. Competition research is just as important as the previous steps when it comes to conducting an SEO audit. The purpose of competitor optimization audits is to discover what current and former customers have said about your SEO provider’s level of service and ability to provide top-notch customer service. By gathering relevant information such as negative comments, customers who leave reviews, competitor activity and other trends, an on-page audit can provide you with important ammunition in your arsenal when it comes to choosing a provider for your search engine optimization needs. As mentioned, most SEO firms will conduct these types of audits throughout a given year.

Once you have gathered relevant data from your competitor analyses, you are ready to make your first decision. If you plan on going with a newly established company, make sure to conduct an interview with several potential managers or representatives. Ask questions regarding their experience, their level of expertise and their goals for your business. Make sure to gather up to date on their company’s recent developments and ask how your SEO firm measures up to or surpasses competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you’re planning on hiring a SEO firm that has been around for more than two or three years, this means you have made quite a bit of progress in your assessment. Still, there are some telltale signs that indicate major changes within your optimization company. First, look for a sudden increase in on-page analytics and keyword research results.

When a company implements an audit program, it usually begins with a standard procedure of on-page analytics. As SEO firms age, they begin to rely more upon advanced tools such as Google Analytics to determine which parts of their client’s site are performing the best. It may also become evident through the reports collected which SEO firm focuses on improving user experience more than the standard procedure of SEO. For example, if an SEO firm tends to concentrate more on testing new strategies for optimizing a particular page or area of a website, they might fail to notice that the site’s navigation lacks logical structure and usability. If an SEO firm opts to leave elements of the site’s layout in their default state, they might fail to see how to make changes that will make the site user-friendly.

SEO companies that want to ensure the highest possibility for success will need to implement a system that includes both on-page and off-page analytical processes. Many SEO firms will choose to focus on improving one or the other separately. While this strategy will likely result in a higher ROI for SEO firms that decide to implement both processes at the same time, it can actually create more problems than it solves. SEO audits should only focus on one or two different types of SEO strategies, focusing on those factors that have the greatest potential for competition.

Finally, SEO auditors must be aware that search engine optimization is not the same thing as search engine marketing, which often involves the use of different types of techniques. While it is almost impossible to perform a search engine optimization audit that focuses on everything that a certain company does, it is still necessary to perform an on-page SEO audit in order to determine the effectiveness of their off-page SEO strategies. It is important SEO companies realize that off-page optimization is just as critical to a company’s success as their on-page SEO efforts. For example, search engine optimization can fail to yield the results that companies are looking for if they do not pay close attention to their off-page techniques. SEO auditors must remember that there is a fine line between effective optimization and ineffective optimization.