The “Dove Social” Podcast – Hot New Trending Areas of Digital Marketing News

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The “Dove Social” Podcast – Hot New Trending Areas of Digital Marketing News

With a wealth of statistics available for the business that is eager to obtain these vital statistics, it is easy to see why digital marketing reports are such an integral part of an advertising and business strategy. These digital marketing statistics are broken down across seven core areas, both in an infographic below and in the full report that follows it. However, like all savvy marketers, if your plan includes multiple platforms, then this understanding should assist you much more clearly in updating your tactical plans.

The top area covered in this Digital Marketing News article is the demographics of online traffic. Online sources for search are constantly changing, becoming more personalized as users’ search habits evolve with time. These new trends are reflected in search engine page ranks, which determine a website’s place in search engine results. Knowing this information is crucial for any company hoping to stay a step ahead in their competitors. Statistics like these illustrate how much of a role Internet usage plays in shaping user opinions and increasing brand awareness.

Another area highlighted in this digital marketing news report is that of user intent, or the thought process behind a user’s search query. Many businesses are unaware that they are losing potential clients every day by not providing enough relevant content, as well as to the search engines. Breaking news stories provide relevant content in a timely manner, and reach millions of readers instantly. While some may argue that there is no way to predict trends in the future, it is comforting to know that breaking news stories can jumpstart businesses immediately.

Adweek’s Digital Marketing News segment has taken this idea one step further by asking business owners to share “what they don’t know about Google AdWords”. It is no surprise that such a topic would be high on the list of topics spoken about in the online marketing community. If you own or operate a digital marketing agency, then it is crucial to take advantage of such discussions. Adweek is an ideal venue for doing just that.

If you are not already a member of adweek, then you are missing out on the valuable insights found in this insightful media news blog. As one of the most popular daily marketing e-zines, adweek features original in-depth industry reports, as well as a plethora of industry-related blog posts, press releases, product and service reviews, training material, and more. This wide-ranging digital marketing news column from adweek provides industry insights on everything digital marketers need to know.

In the “What You Don’t Know About Google AdWords” segment of adweek, hosts Jennifer Bing and Greg Marshall explore what savvy digital marketers need to know about Google AdWords and the role it plays in their successful business ventures. In particular, the podcast covers topics such as ad split testing, ad creativity, keyword research, ad copywriting, ad tracking, traffic analysis, and much more. In fact, the entire show is centered around these four main areas, which makes for interesting and informative reading for any digital marketers and advertisers listening in. If you have an interest in digital marketing, or in breaking news, the “What You Don’t Know About Google AdWords” podcast is a great place to start.

The “Tech Trends” segment of digital marketing news also showcases the latest and most interesting trends in the world of internet media. Recent news stories include the leak of celebrity emails, the lawsuit against Yahoo! Live, and the announcement of Amazon’s acquisition ofatable video game store Polygon.

The “Dove Social” segment of the podcast looks closely at how brands can benefit from social media engagement. Specifically, the focus of the Dove Socialcast is how companies can use blogs, micro-blogging, Digg news, and other social channels to build a cohesive marketing campaign around their core brand voice. Additionally, the pod casts look closely at how brands can expand beyond traditional media to include online communities, podcasts, and YouTube. All told, this is a great listen if you are interested in learning about some of the hottest trends and options out there today.