The 4 Most Crucial SEO Techniques Exposed

Many internet marketers have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But many are not sure what SEO actually is or what it means. Simply put, what you rank high for is primarily determined by on-site factors, while other factors largely determine how high you rank on the major search engines. So, what exactly is Off-Page SEO?


Off-Page SEO is all about internal links. Internal link building refers to creating backlinks within your own website so that when someone clicks on one of those links, they are taken back to your main website. This helps you get ranked higher in Google and other search engines. So what are internal links? Internal linking is a simple matter of putting your URL into text documents and articles on your site so that your readers can naturally click through to your main website to learn more.

What kind of links will work best for your site? There are a lot of different off-page seo techniques. Some of the best results come from article marketing, video marketing and blog commenting. If you want to get really good backlinks, you should consider using both article marketing and video marketing. Article marketing will give you back links from authority sites and with video marketing you can drive traffic to your videos.

Another technique off-page seo is local citations. Local citations refer to making sure that your site shows up in local listings in major search results. In other words, make sure your site is listed in all of the major local directories. Some examples of high-ranking local directories include Yellow Pages (for realtors), Citysearch (for apartment renters), SuperPages (for attorneys) and Superheet (for business owners).

The off-page optimization can be broken down into two basic areas: content optimization and off-site optimization. In content optimization, you optimize your web pages to make them search engine friendly. For example, your meta tags, keyword density, headers, titles and keywords all make up content optimization. On the other hand, off-page seo is the part of your SEO that deals with links. These are links like banner ads, directories, articles, press releases and social networking profiles.

So which off-page seo techniques will give you the best results? This really depends on what kind of business you have. Smaller, online businesses usually won’t have much of an effect on search results. Larger, more popular companies will get a lot of traffic through their links, but this traffic is not likely to convert into sales. For these companies, on-page optimization techniques are usually the way to go. This means increasing your website’s link popularity and, possibly, purchasing some off-page back links.

One of the most important on-page SEO techniques is to keep your web pages easy to read and navigate. You want visitors to spend as little time away from your website as possible. For this reason, you should avoid making your site difficult to navigate or provide too many fancy graphics. If your readers have to scroll too far down the page to find something, chances are they’re moving on to the next website.

Back linking is also a critical part of SEO. By joining other webmasters in forums, blogs, and chat rooms, you gain the credibility and reputation to show other websites that you can be trusted. Search engines love this. By adding your website to directory listings, your site will gain higher rankings and, therefore, higher search engine rankings, too. Directory listings are especially valuable to small, niche businesses that don’t have the budget to pay for advertising. Therefore, interlinks and article submissions are an integral part of SEO marketing.