Technical Audit Vs SEO Audit

What exactly is an SEO Audit and, exactly, what it involves? Basically, you could consider an SEO Audit to be an independent analysis of a web site that rates the website’s ability to appear prominently in search engine result pages (SERPS). The main advantage of conducting an SEO audit is that it helps you discover potential search engine optimization (SEO) problems before they adversely affect your search engine marketing success. As such, an SEO audit is a vital component of your website marketing strategy.

SEO Audit

Now, how should you conduct an effective seo audit? In most cases, you should start by collecting all relevant information about your website – what keywords it targets, who is advertising on it, etc. After you have a solid list of this information, you should then investigate in detail all the possible technical issues that may impact on the performance of your website. For example, if you notice that your keyword list is too general or that there are several negative keywords in your meta tags, for example, you should investigate why this is happening.

When conducting a seo audit, you will want to focus on several different factors – how internal links are incorporated into your site design, how you handle external links, and how your web pages rank in the major search engines. Another important aspect to consider is how your keywords are optimized within your meta tags and other tags on your web pages. The overall goal of your audit is to identify any areas that may prove to be problems later on when it comes to optimizing your pages and optimizing your keyword list for search engines.

So, what constitutes a quality SEO audit? Generally, these audits involve examining many different elements of your site in order to isolate any areas of concern and to determine the overall effectiveness of your technical aspects. In addition, they look at how well your pages rank in the major search engines, how you integrate technical aspects of SEO into your site design, and how well your keyword lists are optimized. Sometimes, technical elements of SEO can prove to be more problematic than they appear. A librarian or a qualified SEO consultant can often detect these technical issues before they become major problems and can make recommendations about how to fix these problems. A librarian can also help you learn how to solve technical problems yourself by pointing you in the right direction and explaining the technical aspects of SEO in layman’s terms.

One major part of any seo audit involves analyzing the amount of backlinks that direct visitors to your website. Backlinks can dramatically affect your rankings in the search engines. If your backlinks are from problematic sources, you may find that you have to work a little harder in order to boost technical SEO first and then build organic traffic levels. This is not something that happens all the time, however. By analyzing the backlinks that your website receives, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not your website is suffering from problems that could affect your rankings.

A second area in which a seo website audit can be useful is to look at the link building strategy that you have in place. This is something that every successful SEO company knows about. Poorly-designed links can hurt your rankings, even if they do not directly affect search engine rankings. By looking at the strategies that you have in place for building links, you can learn which strategies are working for your site and which strategies are not working. You can then make appropriate changes to your link building strategy. If you find that the strategies that your SEO firm uses are not helping your ranking in the search engines, then you should get your hands on some external links so that you can improve your rankings in other ways.

The final part of a seo website audit is to look at the HTML validation check that you run. In order for search engines to rank your website in the top search results, they need to understand how your web pages are laid out. The use of incorrect HTML can easily be considered a ranking penalty, so it is important to check your HTML files frequently. Many SEO firms fail to take this step because they think that the HTML validation check is too time-consuming. While it is true that it is time-consuming, it is usually a minor part of an overall SEO audit that should be done on a regular basis.

Search engine optimization is a tricky business, but with the help of an experienced SEO consultant, you can rest assured that your company is heading in the right direction. If you are already well-established and have a lot of potential customers, then you might want to skip over a technical audit and simply focus on making your website user-friendly. However, if you are new to search engine optimization and have little experience or no customers to speak of, then an audit will be your best solution. A librarian will be able to point you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to hire one.