Six Trends to Note From Digital Marketing News

The world of online marketing has been growing exponentially over the years. Competition amongst businesses for consumers is at an all-time high, with companies constantly battling it out to get their message across the most amount of people possible in the shortest amount of time. As the pressure increases, the importance of quality content becomes even more important. The following tips will hopefully help guide you as you plan your digital marketing strategy for the future. Whether you’re looking to build a brand or promote your business, research is crucial.

Digital Marketing News

Digital Marketing News If you are an experienced online marketer, then chances are you’ve been privy to some of the hottest digital marketing news. However, if you’d like to succeed at this industry then you should stay abreast of the most important industry trends, algorithm updates, and overall personal level best practices. To help make your daily life a bit easier, we have brought you the most recent cutting-edge industry trends. Check out the following statistics to get a better understanding of how marketers are using social media to gain brand loyalty and drive sales.

Facebook Insights – Most marketers understand that Facebook is a powerful social media platform that offers marketers one of the most unique opportunities to connect with current and potential clients. The latest data from Facebook Insights shows that more than two thirds of marketers have accessed the ‘Like’ feature on Facebook. Nearly half (47%) of marketers who have utilized Facebook’s social media integration have done so since the middle of May. While most Facebook users access the service through their social network accounts, many marketers are finding that using the social network in addition to emailing customers is creating strong link building strategies and increasing their online presence.

YouTube Insights – As one of the largest online video sharing sites, YouTube continues to experience growth in terms of its active users. Last week’s data suggests that over six percent of all marketers have created a video to share with friends and prospects. In fact, the top twenty video posted on YouTube last week achieved over five million views. If you include the amount of people who have visited YouTube through sponsored reviews or recommendations, then the site is truly experiencing unprecedented growth in the digital marketing news circles. Keep your ear to the digital ground as this trend continues to grow.

Google+ circles – Social media seems to be the hottest buzzword for today’s online marketer. This new feature allows marketers to connect directly with their audiences and provides additional insight into who they’re targeting with their products and services. Last week’s report found that Google+ circles had become an integral part of LinkedIn connections and helped marketers increase their exposure to their target audiences. The report also indicates that more than three-quarters of marketers accessing LinkedIn use the circle feature to connect with their audiences. So if you aren’t making the most of your social media connections via YouTube, LinkedIn or other digital marketing venues, you’re likely losing out on an opportunity to connect with your audience. Don’t overlook what’s possible from a media perspective when it comes to your company’s online reputation.

Facebook Insights – Last year, Facebook announced a feature that would allow marketers to see more detailed information about their audiences. Today, marketers can see demographic data about whom they are sending messages to as well as detailed information about the content types that are being viewed. This integration makes this particular tool more valuable to both small and large organizations that are involved with different demographics. Keep your audience in mind as you create your digital marketing strategy and consider how this feature could benefit you.

Instagram – There was quite a bit of buzz last year about the Instagram platform and how it would impact on digital marketing. The truth is that while Instagram has some unique elements compared to traditional social media, this still is a very powerful networking platform that should be integrated into a company’s digital marketing strategy. Like Facebook, companies can use the “Like” function on Instagram to help boost their visibility among their audiences. As well, like Facebook, businesses can use the “Like” feature to promote sales-related updates to their followers. Consider connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page to build a social media bond between the two.

Whatsapp – There was quite a bit of buzz last year about how businesses could use the whatsapp messaging service to expand their reach. While there are some flaws in the whatsapp service, it is still worth considering as a way to make more profit through your mobile marketing strategy. In order to get the most out of whatsapp, take the time to learn about the service and create a profile for your business. This is a great way to gain exposure since most people have an account on whatsapp already. If you haven’t created one yet, take the time to learn all about creating a profile and getting started.