SEO Tools That Go Hand in Hand With SEO Audits

An SEO audit is a process of examining how well your online presence fits into current best practices for search engine optimization. The audit will reveal: Technical SEO matters. Site architecture issues. On-page SEO matters.

SEO Audit

Keyword research is critical to an SEO audit. Knowing what words your customers are using to find your products or services will give you a good indication of the keywords most likely to be successful. On page optimization plays an important role in a website’s page speed. The report should examine the methods Google uses to determine a page speed, and how competitors with much slower sites are affected by them.

A complete SEO site checkup report should examine the backlinks from other popular websites, the total number of pages on your site, and how Google views your site’s popularity. The analysis should also examine the amount of inbound links, both internal and external, that point to your site. Backlinks can affect your SERPs. Google reports data on the number of inbound links, called backlinks, and their quality, both in terms of direct and referring links.

Many reports include a Growthbar, which provides information about the keyword ranking over a three-month period. The Growthbar lets you know not only your current position in Google’s ranking algorithm, but also the future projections. The growthbar ranks all of the major search engine results pages based on their relative position in Google’s hierarchy of websites. This is based on the number of times a keyword appears in the text, as well as in images, headings, and subtitles. If you are looking to improve your SEO rank, the Growthbar can help you find new keywords, which can be used to boost your inbound and external link building strategies.

The most comprehensive website audit tool on the market is the Advanced keyword Research Tool. This tool can analyze your competition, identify new keyword opportunities, and recommend strategies to increase your page rankings. The Advanced keyword research tool includes both text and image analysis. You will learn which keywords are bringing in traffic, and what strategies your competitors are using to optimize their websites. The Advanced tool also includes detailed competitor analysis. The website auditor will discover what words your competitors are targeting, how they are getting around your website optimization techniques, and what keywords potential customers are typing into Google to find your business.

Buzzstream is another comprehensive seo audit tool that can help you save time and money. The Buzzstream program measures your link quality, competitor reputation, and organic traffic. You can also get reports on key phrases, search engine optimization strategy, and buzzwords.

SEO Analyzer is an analytical program designed to help you audit your current search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. SEO Analyzer not only provides basic keyword analysis, but also provides data on link analysis, competitor analysis, and data on the number of pages linking to your site. Data from the analysis can be used to generate reports and dashboards that show how you are improving your search engine rankings. If you wish to automate your SEO audits and research projects, the SEO Analyzer can be used to schedule the audits. SEO Analyzer’s advanced features include a scheduler that lets you set parameters for an SEO audit; a link analysis report that give detailed information about link analysis; search engine optimization workflow analysis that identify workflow issues and recommend solutions; and page speed analysis that identify page speed issues affecting SEO.

To make your search engine ranking improvements stick, the SEO tools discussed above must be used regularly. SEO audits should be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annually depending upon your own individual goals, your business’s needs, and the level of competition in your industry. An effective SEO analysis can go a long way towards helping you achieve those goals, as well as save you time and money.