SEO Techniques to Improve Rankings


SEO Techniques to Improve Rankings

When you are choosing an SEO provider for your company website, it is important to consider the techniques they will use to help you get better rankings in Google and other search engines. Both Black and White Hat SEO have advantages and disadvantages. To understand these differences and find out what is best for your business, you need to learn more about the basics of SEO, its benefits and how it can help your website. This article focuses on these basics and asks you to consider your company’s unique situation to decide if you need a Black Hat or White Hat SEO for your site.

There are two main types of SEO – Black and White. In general white hat SEO describes any approach that improves your rankings on a major search engine results page (SERP) while keeping the integrity of the website intact and staying within the guidelines of the search engines. Black Hat SEO on the other hand, involves using techniques like spamdexing, link harvesting, directory submission, search engine advertising, paid linking, and keyword stuffing which are considered to be unethical and usually result in a ban by the search engines. This form of SEO was popularized by Mark Panda, head of Google’s Google Panda program. Many large corporations adopted Black Hat SEO as their preferred method due to the high-quality and quantity of traffic they receive from this form of SEO.

Although there is a clear difference between the two forms of SEO, there are a few gray areas that can blur the lines. Both Black Hat and white hat strategies have been approved by the search engines and both have proven effective. The main difference lies in the strategies used to increase rankings. The following are some of the guidelines offered by Google for its users to determine whether or not to approve a site:

White Hat SEO uses techniques like directory submission, web directory submission, blogs and articles, and link building. On the other hand, black hat SEO technique uses techniques like spamdexing, link harvesting, keyword stuffing, and deceptive text or title stuffing which are considered to be unethical and can lead to a ban by the search engines. The link building strategy is one of the most important strategies when applying white hat SEO technique. The link building is usually done through natural strategies such as pairing up similar sites. Link partners should also be recommended by the SEO expert or the SEO firm.

Keywords, backlinks, and Meta tags are some of the most important factors that contribute to improve search results. The expert should analyze these aspects to improve ranking algorithm. The expert should also make it a point to review the content of the web pages that he submits to the various directories for improving the rankings. The content of the page plays an important role in the algorithms that Google uses to determine the ranking.

The other things that affect rankings of SEO experts include the use of negative keywords and software tools such as Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer (BSEO). SEO techniques are all about using different tactics or methods to improve the website ranking. These techniques may involve black hat strategies or white hat strategies.

Black hat strategies include using spamdexing, link harvesting, keyword stuffing, and deceptive text or title stuffing which are considered to be unethical and can lead to a ban by the search engines. In the past, it was very easy to rank high in the search results. Nowadays, it has become more difficult due to unethical practices by some unethical SEO firms. In order to improve the rank of the websites, SEO firms should provide quality work to their customers. They should always avoid Black Hat practices and make use of ethical practices only.

SEO firms are offering many services to improve the rank of the websites. However, SEO ranking is not only affected by the quality of work but also the reputation of the firm. When a customer finds that the firm is offering Black Hat SEO services then it would be natural for him to lose trust on that SEO firm. SEO firms should always provide quality services to their clients so that they do not face any kind of problem in the future.