SEO Strategies That Work

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been one of the most-used but least utilized marketing tools for business owners over the years. While SEO has proven itself capable of driving massive amounts of traffic to websites, it has also become a victim of abuse. The issue with SEO lies not in the methods used to optimize websites but rather in the outdated and biased trends that have been formed over time. Because of this, SEO has become very vulnerable to bad practices and it no longer has the ability to provide high levels of success for businesses of all sizes. Top SEO strategies have traditionally relied on studying and tracking trends, compiling massive amounts of data, and making use of the best and latest SEO software programs.


Artificial intelligence will keep evolving. For instance, in 2021, Google introduced RankBrain, an artificial intelligence engine that will help Google push more relevant and useful results to users searching for specific information. Although RankBrain is still in beta testing, companies who are using the program to increase their online presence are already seeing some positive results. Other artificial intelligence applications, like Google’s Current Reviews, currently also function as SEO by providing online business owners with first page search results and helping them target keywords.

Google has also recently introduced YouTube SEO. Unlike other SEO techniques, YouTube SEO relies on the use of specific keywords in order to rank search results. SEO experts have theorized that keywords related to video content can perform better due to the fact that people will more likely watch a video than read through a lengthy article or blog post. However, even if this concept holds true, YouTube SEO will most likely have a great impact on the search engine rankings of websites that make use of the video feature to provide viewers with content.

Social media optimization, also known as SMO, has gained popularity in recent years because it can easily affect SEO rankings as well. The best way to describe SMO is to say that it uses techniques in order to boost a company’s social media presence. For instance, a company can increase its Facebook page’s presence in order to attract more clicks from Facebook users searching for a particular topic. If a company has more Facebook fans, it stands to reason that those fans may also be interested in that particular topic. Therefore, the company’s Facebook page becomes a better venue for search results and therefore potentially more clicks and sales.

Google also has a number of tools available to businesses who wish to improve their SEO rankings. SEO Elite, a free software program, is the most popular of these tools. SEO Elite provides a number of features including analysis tools, custom domain registrars, Google Analytic, and Google Webmaster Tools. Additionally, SEO Elite also allows users to choose between a “natural” listing in organic search results, and a paid listing in paid search results. An SEO expert can analyze the various factors that impact a site’s position in search results and recommend changes to improve a website’s visibility and ranking.

Another way to enhance SEO ranks is by focusing on keywords. Because so many people use search engines to locate information, the number of potential customers is in constant competition with the number of websites offering the service or product being searched. By carefully selecting keywords related to the products and services offered, a business can drive visitors in the direction of its website. A tool called the keyword search console will show an estimated number of total searches each month based on the keywords used for each search query, allowing a business to determine which keywords are more likely to draw traffic.

Many businesses find that the best SEO strategies involve a combination of techniques that optimize one or more elements of a website. SEO Elite, for instance, offers tools that allow a business to analyze its keywords and find keywords that are highly relevant to its business and have low competition. A similar tool is also offered by competitor analytics firm Keyword Evolution. A third company, Overture, offers analytic technology that allows companies to examine search patterns and find keywords and phrases that are already highly ranked but not reaching the top pages of Google or Yahoo. By using one or more of these tools, a business can make sure that its website is reaching the top of search lists, increasing its chances of attracting more traffic and clients.

SEO Elite is among several tools offered by an online analytics company that allows a business to examine its keyword position and competition, and find opportunities to improve it. Another important step in SEO involves link building, or getting other sites to link to a website or blog. Sites with high PR, also called “authoritative pages,” are much more likely to attract click-through traffic, leading to more clicks and, eventually, more money.