SEO Services: Using White Hat Methods

When you hear the words “SEO” or “SEM”, what comes to mind is usually search engine optimization. What many people don’t know is that SEO can be broken down into two primary techniques: white hat and black hat. The latter of the two focuses on optimizing websites in a way that helps your website rank higher in search results for specific keywords. The white hat technique focuses on creating quality content for users and building a better overall user experience for visitors.


It’s this focus that makes white Hat SEO a viable option for any site owner seeking to get higher rankings for their site. While some SEOs may cast these as two separate schools of thinking, they really are not so much different than a traditional way of doing SEO. Both techniques are focused on making sure a website gets the most exposure possible, which in turn, increases its popularity with search engines. The only real difference between the two is the approach. While the white hat SEO uses methods like back linking, keyword research, and directory submissions to get higher rankings, black hat SEOs use unscrupulous methods like spamming, link farms, and other unethical practices to get higher rankings.

While both techniques have their strong points, the differences between them ultimately come down to the way in which they get results. White hat SEO works to improve the ranking of a website by implementing changes that help increase the usability of the site. Black hat SEO operates in a much different way.

The major difference between the two techniques is that the black hat SEO works to manipulate search engines by using tactics that go against what the algorithmically correct algorithms look for. These tactics, often used by spammers, hackers, and phishers use tricks like link farms and spam. There are many reasons why these tactics are frowned upon by SEO experts and leading search engines. In order for SEO to be successful, it must always adhere to the guidelines set forth by Google and other leading search engines. Doing things that do not adhere to these guidelines can lead to getting your site banned or demoted, which is essentially the point of black hat optimization.

While the tactics used by black hat seo can definitely get your site ranked higher, these tactics also have the possibility of lowering your rankings. While the rankings will always be affected by the techniques you employ, the damage is usually done by the strategies themselves. These strategies will work to make sure that you are taking hits to your ranking, but the long term effect will lower your rankings and make it harder to stay on top.

There is no arguing that white hat seo does provide results, but it also has the potential to hurt your rankings. The problem with white hat strategies is that they will make it more difficult for your site to maintain its rank. The main issue that comes from this tactic is that it will try and improve your rank through using unethical methods. This includes using Meta tags, writing content around keywords, and overusing keywords.

However, there is also another method that is gaining popularity in the world of SEO, and that is social media marketing. Social media marketing involves getting links from other webmasters and increasing your visibility in the search engines through links to your site. As webmasters, we have all created a presence on the web and then used that presence to drive quality traffic to our sites. Now, what if we could take that effort and leverage it? What if instead of making our presence known via link exchanges and social media networking, what if we could create a more organic method of gaining visibility and increased webmaster’s visibility in search engines like Google and Yahoo?

This is exactly what happens when you employ a professional SEO service that works within the guidelines of Google. They know the ins and outs of how Google works, how the algorithm is set up, and how to get around some of these restrictions. Instead of the average webmaster trying to get links to their web pages and hoping that Google will just end up treating them like any other website, they now understand how to make their websites stand apart from the rest of the pack. They have developed strategies that include using content, keywords, and link building to ensure that their websites are found within the search engine results pages. They do this by employing strategies that are within the guidelines of Google. If you are unsure if your SEO services are up to par, and if you would like a strategy that is proven to work for Google and Yahoo, give the pros a call.