SEO Services for Internet Businesses

There is a lot of discussion in the SEO world about which method is better SEO – black or white. But in reality the best method is SEO both ways. White hat SEO means utilizing the most effective techniques for obtaining higher search engine rankings, above all other, less beneficial techniques. Some strategies are more successful than others for particular keywords. In general white hat SEO tends to be the opposite of black hat SEO.


But even though there is some gray area, usually black hat techniques will still beat white-hat SEO in most cases. The reason that white-hat SEO is usually considered to be a silver-bullet by the search engines themselves is because the results achieved using this method is considered to have been achieved through a process of natural selection. White-hat SEO works by bringing what the consumer is looking for, and the search engines can identify this with algorithms. The outcome is a better product that meets or exceeds the searchers’ needs.

This process of natural selection is one of the reasons why SEO strategies are more likely to succeed as a result of organic SEO practices. Organic SEO involves creating content that is highly relevant to the search engines. These are called “keywords”. Keyword saturation is also important for successful SEO strategies.

There are many types of optimization techniques for any given business. They are all based on search engine optimization. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it deals with strategies used to improve websites. SEO can include on-page elements such as internal linking and navigation. It can also refer to off-page techniques which include optimizing your web pages for the keywords used by the search engines. Some SEO strategies are also used to build backlinks to your site.

SEO strategies are tested and tweaked on a regular basis and new strategies and algorithms are constantly being introduced to the search engines. The algorithms change and become more strict every few months. In addition, the rules are very complicated and hard to follow, making many businesses unrealistic. Therefore, SEO techniques change and adapt quickly, but not always with the users’ best interests in mind.

White-hat SEO relies on well researched SEO techniques such as content analysis and link building. Content analysis looks at keyword usage and competitor’s sites to see how you are ranked in the search engines. Link building involves finding quality sites that offer similar products and services and asking if they will post your links on their site. The quality of the link doesn’t have anything to do with your ranking in the search engines, but the volume of backlinks and authority the site has can definitely help improve your rankings. To date, white-hat SEO is the most effective form of SEO available to businesses.

Yellow SEO, on the other hand, is not well tested or researched. Websites that use this method for SEO don’t have an overall strategy or focus. They simply use random keywords and place them on their site in an attempt to get hits and make money. This is not recommended for any business considering its low profitability. Google, one of the largest search engines, is notorious for not allowing content farms and spamming. There are other methods, such as social media marketing, that are less overt, but are just as effective in getting good results.

No matter which form of SEO you use, be sure to place your links into the right places. If you are placing an ad for example, be sure the ad doesn’t directly link to your home page or make you click on a link to get there. Don’t get mad if you don’t get clicks; instead, be happy that you are showing up for all the right reasons. Good SEO works; it can get you in the top ten search results or even top twenty. If you aren’t getting hits because you are banned from the search engines or you are only targeting certain demographics, then it may be time to re-evaluate your SEO strategies.